Sunday, 12 April 2009

Inflation continues going downward

Only a few months back it was imaginably difficult to visualize that the level of inflation may ever go as down as 0.26 per cent. May be it gives a chance to politics manager to claim that the credit goes to Congress, the major partner of ruling UPA in the country and the wizards of financial economics, as they are known, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and a few of his colleagues in his cabinet but this can't form an honest conclusion on the face of the fact that they themselves never made any statement that the inflation may go that down for the reason that they never expected this to happen. This too is an intriguing phenomenon like prices of routine consumption commodities soaring higher and higher on the face of the global cries that there is a deep slump in the market and that rates of every thing have gone down to the bottom level. This is a painful contrast. If inflation is the basis that is currently at a lowest possible bottom, the prices in the market are supposed to be really low in physical terms but, if experience of the common consumers is the criterion, what virtually obtains is just contrary. Consumers never suffered this much even when inflation was at a highest possible point.

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