Sunday, 5 April 2009

Laws and Rules by unilateralism

Laws are there and there are rules too. Their sanctity lies in the manner they are adhered to and implemented. There are people never tired of boasting that Law is supreme and that this is applicable to all in general without any prejudice or bias of any kind but scenario is just different when when it comes to practice. Varun Gandhi is booked under National Security Act (NSA) on the grounds that he got involved in criminal activities and that he instigated others for violence. Presuming for argument sake that Varun Gandhi might have done some sort of activities pointed out against him but is it that this has happened in this country for the first time. Incidents much worse than this have been happening in India every now and then at alarmingly a large scale and the guilty are left scotch free. If at all some mafia don is sent to jail for his criminal activities it is in most of the cases to enlist his support and the moment he agrees to offer it he is enrolled as a member of the ruling party and sponsored as a candidate to contest elections either at M.P. level or MLA/MLC level. The currently ruling Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Mayawati has already criminal proceedings against her pending and she has never been that prompt as in slapping NSA against Varun Gandhi for the obvious reasons that she wanted to encash the incident for her electoral advantages. Sanctity of the Law lies in its implementation in an honest manner uniformly and, if used dishonestly, the Law is no more as such, it is confined to serve the vested interests of a few only.

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