Sunday, 26 April 2009

How come they get richer within days?

Toiling hard and then earn any amount of money is quite understood as there lies the grace and dignity of labour. There are religions like Islaam who call the money earned otherwise as haraam and there it is forbidden. The very slang 'haraamee' emerges out of it and is meant for those who earn money without harnessing them to work or earn it through nefarious means.They even forbid earnings by way of interest and earnings as such are known as haraam only. It is a different matter that majority of people with faith in such a dictate thrive with income on interest. Tax evasion, loot, arson, bribes, land grabbing and haftawaris too are to be taken in the category of haraam only in strict terms of the rule but what happens in routine practice is just the contrary. Not all in an affluent society owe their status to hard earned money. Election fever in India is at its peak these days with more than 1700 candidates in the field out of which 193 are crorepatis. Candidates elected out of this lot will form the Parliament of the country acquiring eligibility to make the laws and amend them with a command to direct the total system to their tune and style.Any question on crorepati members of Parliament with reference to their source of income will be lost against majority votes in their favour, birds of the same feather as they are. The phenomenon one comes across quite often is that it hardly takes much time for a parliamentarian or a legislator to grow to an exorbitantly higher a financial status after getting elected as such and it is no more a secret that the very source of their wealth mostly emerges, exceptions apart, from nefarious means.

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