Saturday, 18 April 2009

Alarming gender bias

India is well known all over the world for its Vedic slogan '..yatra naryastu pujyentey ramantey tattra devta' meaning thereby that where women are worshipped gods are there. It was in this context only that Vibekanand remarkaby chose 'Sisters and brothers' instead of till then practice of starting speech with 'Brothers and sister' while delivering his lecture to the audience abroad. Whether the slogan holds good presently is the question. Possibly 'no' is the answer with the result that women population in the country is proportionately much higher compared to males which is astoundingly an alarming signal towards serious imbalances in social order in days to come. A look at Paleolithic age shows that initially the

women on earth being severely scarce different tribes used to fight to procure them every now and then and this used to be the basic cause of quarrels amongst the male folks. An anomaly of the worst order is obtaining in the sense that men have their foremost attraction for women but themselves they hardly prefer a female child, nay they don't want it at all, when it is their turn to produce children after marriage or even otherwise. There are latest techniques available in the market with expert doctors to ascertain and disclose the gender in respect of the child in the offing to the interested persons ofcourse against an enormous cost which only rich people can afford. Laws are there and so are the rules to drastically curb such a practice but who bothers for them in the country. Other countries, say like China, also are there confronted with the same problem with 32 million more males compared to females and they are giving a rethinking to their till now obtaining theory of one child for a couple. Infact the issue warrants necessary social order to remedy the situation instead of the laws and the rules for which hardly any one bothers.

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