Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Titbits too count in a work culture

The notion that a major takeoff on a task or decisions on crucial matters form a strong work culture is not correct, what really counts is the manner and style in which a job is undertaken. There were sections who treated Mahatma Gandhi as a laughing stock when he launched 'Namak Andolan' against British imperialism in India. The critics branded it as a meaningless exercise and too trivial a measure to combat the menace emerge as it did from the then so powerful British. It was only later when they realized that they were wrong when they came across the amount of mass awareness and awakening of a volcanic order generated in rank and file throughout the country. Small things are not to be ignored just as trivialities as they do matter to form a bigger approach. May be there are eventualities when a needle matters more than a sword. One has to decide which tool is to be used where like a soldier does in a war field in respect of the weapons he has to use in terms of what the situation demands. A giant ship in ocean is not at all usable in small rivers, there it is a tiny boat that works.

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