Thursday, 9 April 2009

Who is more of a mother

There are persons who can't help responding to any remark that concerns them. Mayawati, currently the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, is one of them and she leaves no chance to give a prompt rebuffMayawati[1] to any one who hurts her feelings some way or the other directly or indirectly. Maneka Gandhi, aggrieved as she felt on account of criminal proceedings initiated by Mayawati against her son Varun Gandhi, passed a remark that Mayawati can't realise the pains of a mother as she herself is not the one with a son or a daughter. Obviously she is not. But how could she lag behind in replying to the accusation. She came out with a statement that she is the one to take care of thousands of people in the country and that she very well knows as to what could be the role of a mother. In a way she is not wrong as that is what many a politicians claim they are the messiahs of the masses which role very much nears that of a mother. Mother Teressa was the one who claimed that she was a mother to all those who needed care, love and affection. She was self less and whole heartedly committed to cause of humanity. Much away from power and pelf she sacrificed all her life serving the poor, the destitutes, the sick persons including those suffering from chronic leprosy who were otherwise considered as untouchables even from their own family members. Sister Nivedita was another self less woman who joined mission of service with Vibekanand totally abandoning all the pleasures of life excepting service to mankind. Difficult to presume that Mayawati belongs to this category of persons who were there just to serve the people without any selfish interest of theirs.

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