Monday, 13 April 2009

Why confusing ads ?

Nothing moves without ads as the market just can't go without it. Basic purpose of an advertisement is to highlight a product drawing attention of the consumer public. What occurs  most often is that highlighting an item is exaggerated to multi dimensional proportions conveying messages in support of it which visibly are not real. I came across an ad published by a premier bank in India with its large branch network abroad conveying the message that they are the first one to introduce a facility by which customers can make their payments through any branch of any bank by giving them necessary authority for the purpose selecting their choice branch out of the list that was available on a click on their web site. When clicked it was found that hardly a few branches were available for selection as against the very message as if it could be applicable to any choice office of any bank.. There are several companies forcing their snapshot ads on different web sites in a silky language boasting high of their product alluring the visitors in so many ways and finally after surfing pages after pages it reaches no where or only to a point of nullity utility wise. Ads ok but inflating them to unduly allure the customers in unreal terms is some thing that needs to be restrained in public interest.

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