Wednesday, 22 April 2009

EC Council's role in IT training is laudable

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Internet technology is undoubtedly a boon for the human society and no walk of life runs without it. Many an advantages, many a benefits and superb career orientation bountifully emerge out of it but no gainsaying that it does suffer from lot many risks most vulnerably obtaining in online operations obviously warranting ample security precautions. Computer users owe laurels to EC Council who evolved an exhaustively intensive programming and guidance on, inter alia, risk free operations with their online instructor led IT security training. This training, if taken earnestly, acts as shield and buckler against spiders and saboteurs who so unwantedly attack the secrecy and privacy of the web site owner online. Abundantly highlighting security fundamentals with requisite coverage on ethical hacking, due care is taken in respect of penetration testing and disaster recovery besides focus on computer forensics and secure programming. The hacking cycle covers all the aspects which are highly relevant both from utility angle and career point of view. Secure coding is there to overcome spying and onslaughts against privacy exclusiveness.A peep to the following fully reveals a bonanza of benefits IT Security and I am the one feeling so overwhelmingly tempted to opt for such a meaningful training schedule with an anxiety to get fully equipped with fool proof safeguards against every now and then occurring online incidents of attacks on individual privacy.

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