Wednesday, 30 April 2008

If these pants could talk

Not necessary that one's look and style is always measured in terms of dress so used by him/her in its totality. The viewers very often have a tendency to focuss their attention isolating one wear from the other. When switching over to a well stitched dress from a mere loin at the beginning of the civilisation, what was thought of at the first stage was a pant (panties ofcourse were out of question those days) and it continues to form an integral part of the total dress scenario. It has undergone drastic changes in its look, shape and design with the passage of time. Size wise variations include slashing down the length and width of it to match individual fancies. Knickers mode of it which was earlier considered to be something as knick-knack is a choice wear now for men and even for women. There is certainly nothing matching to it so far as personal comfort is concerned. It suits the advertisers community in highlighting the body parts (even private parts are no exception) as it helps more vividly describing the product, say for instance the dealers in hosiery displaying a man in his knickers showing a woman looking at him lustily obviously popularising the product brand. When it comes to a convenient wears, they are the choice even for concervatives and traditionalists. Pants are the choice not only for the one who uses them, they are more the choice for those who look at them. The user is not supposed to try it just only for himself/herself applying his/her favourite style, it is to be done more from the view point of the onlookers.Dockers
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Sunday, 27 April 2008

Sophisticated illicit gratifications

Highly welcome a pronouncement it was when Loksabha Speaker Somnath Chatterjee gave a reaction to the effect that Sansad Nidhi (discretionery funds placed at the disposal of Members of Parliament) for promoting (or say otherwis) developmental activities in their constituencies require to be done away with. Certain exceptions apart, these funds are hardly used in positive directions, if practically used, as there are M Ps who are honest enough either not to use them at all or use them so much in a limited manner that any benefit going to public remains out of question. Those who use whose number is ofcourse big enough do so with an extraneous motive where their own interests are involved more than any interest to the people in general. Projects for the purpose are drawn based on their negotiations with the builders, the contractors, the gobetweens. If a park is renovated out of funds sponsored from MPs quota, big big stone boards in and around it are sure to comeup highlighting the great gesture of theirs in being kind enough to spare the funds as if they were their own and not out of public money. This is besides a large entry gate again in bold writings to propagate the high gesture of the MP concerned. All this looks like election campaign operating in the background. Why these funds can't be directed straight to the welfare of the people and why the job is channelised through them are the questions that hover into the minds of the public.

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Saturday, 26 April 2008

Blog link exchange

Element of reciprocity based on mutuality is the factor considerably highlighted and patronized by Social Spark to generate a strong understanding level amongst writers/ bloggers. If practiced in the right direction with mutuality as a focus, this is something that brings a great homogenity amongst those engrossed in and harnessed to the task of writing on varying themes. It is a welcome move in all respects.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

When police managed mail delivery system

Long back in the past the postman was a most welcome visitor to house as he was the one to deliver messages including surprise messages. His arrival to a house was awaited with a keen anxiety on the part of the people. He not only delivered the messages but had to read them out to addressees as those were the days when literacy, particularly in the villages, was so scarce. Postman was actually not the very first link to mail system as it was preceded by a similar system with the difference that it was managed by police. It was Lord Dalhousie, the then Viceroy of India, who introduced postal system in the country. He was for a meticulous scrutiny before the mail was delivered to the people with a view to ensure that there was nothing in them against the then British rule. It was for this reason that the job was entrusted to police and the mails used to be delivered to the addressees through police stations. Secret messages exchanged by freedom fighters were thus checked and confiscated. Tantiya Tope, the legendary freedom fighter and first rank lieutenant of Nanaji Deshmukh at Bithoor in Kanpur had to face a tough time with British when some of his letters fell into their hands in the process. There was nothing like a specific monogram or any definite stamp till the first postal stamp was released in India in the year 1852 at Karachi (now in Pakistan) and manual usage on that count used to differ from instance to instance. By the time India became independent things had changed a lot and the first Indian postal stamp was released on 21/11/1947 costing three and half an aana. Police managing the mail delivery system followed by measures like appointing postmen specifically for distribution of mail and finally the current mode of it in the form of internet mailing device is all a big story. Youngsters when told that it was originally the police to handle mail deliveries are not prepared to believe.

Brevity at the barest minimum

Looks so suspenseful. A solitary I could denote something of an Intrinsic worth but it continues tobe suspensefull. Material wise, it is potentially an Icon capable of developing action exchange between groups of persons, a sort of mutual give and take which is a factor that holds good not only for bloggers but people as a whole forming a community. Wish it is further accelerated to the advantage and benefit of the posties.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Yoga and other modes of exercise

Very often I am confronted with questions on whether Yoga is better or the various other modes of physical exercise. It is no matter of comparison as both are just different to each other with the basic purpose being the same. First thing is as to which mode suits a particular person as it may not always be necessary for all types of exercises to suit all. What Yoga stalwarts normally don't tell the people is that one must have some basic requisite strength and body system to undertake an exercise. For example if some one runs long distances with speed with some heart ailment or blood pressure problem, this exercise is much more harmful to him than beneficial. Even in Yoga if someone opts for certain modes of breathing exercises without properly checking his blood pressure, he invites more of troubles than positive gains on health. Exercise is a key factor for restoring and improving vitality factor in the bodybut one has not to go an inch beyond what his body system permits. Body tested, one is fully ready for exercise. Difference between Yoga and other exercises is there very much. Yoga doesn't involve any sort of hectic acrobatics, it is smooth, steady and soothingly acceptable to the body giving much better results in the long run. Casual Yoga may not be that helpful. It is quite helpful and result oriented if persued on a regular footing. Other exercises do give results but rigourous measures may not do. Rustam-e-Jahan Gama was a top rank athelete known the world over and his practice session was for more than 15 hours a day and that too in a very rigourous order. During the last days of his life he became a chronic patient of blood pressure with complications of a severe nature for the reason that it was not possible for him to continue his extraordinarily tough exercise schedule in his advancing age. Yoga is best with mild, moderate and steady regimen of practice and other modes of exercise too are capable if giving better health results but there again the perseverance has to be of a regular order.

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Doctors advice not to be taken on its face value

It's like no go but to rush to a doctor in emergent situations. Ailment is of a severe nature or just a simple health problem, doctors are there to prescribe a big list of medicines without elaborately asking for the health background of the patient. The patients too are generous enough, or they so feel compelled, to go for a whole hog purchase of the drugs so prescribed. Many a times the medicines so prescribed by them cause more of complications than giving the desired relief. It is infact never worth to take their advice just in the form and shape they do as they do so for their commercial reasons. Taking fee from the patient, getting commission from medical representatives and medical stores and selling the free medicines they get from different companies is their system of earning money. Consideration for patient is hardly their concern as it is no more a mission of service for them but just a drastic source of income. This should actually be necessary for the patient himself/ herself to ascertain necessary desirability of the drugs for which they are not supposed to be a medico. Normal precautions do. Take for instance the case of a diabetic patient who goes to his physician for checking his blood sugar level and obviously he charges a big amount of fee. Why should the patient go to him wasting money when there are several devices available in the market to check blood sugar besides blood pressure. Investing one time amount for the device which is much more easy and conveniently operable saves unnecessary expenditure tobe incurred by the patient. Similarly there are several other tools, thanks to modern technological developments, to monitor one's own health facilitating a regular monitoring.

What ultimately pays is quality

Markets are full of competitions and a perpetual tug of war continues on who can have a better score in making their products more and more acceptable to customers to secure bigger profits. Normal strategy adopted by the dealers in this context is to fix up a bigger price tag with the idea that higher the cost higher the yield. This is something that sounds unrealistic.As current scenario reveals, modern age is not that much for cheaper rates, they are for a quality product. It doesn't construe that a dealer may fix a higher rate to earn more profits. This has actually to be in a reverse order in the sense that price tags are moderately worked out with quality of the product as a basic factor. It's not long back that some stock market tycoons had to suffer a big setback as they fixed up their newly launched IPO at an exhorbitant price. It was Ambani's Reliance Power. The launch was a tremendous success apparently due to company's reputation and goodwill in the market but no sooner it had a take off it flopped. The reason being too ambitious a price for the shares. They took drastic measures including reduction in price by offering bonus shares but till date it has failed to win the confidence of the share traders mainly including common share holders. IPOs that followed were priced moderately and they worked well. Quality angle is not a phenomenon to be measured in isolation ignoring the price aspect. Quality is a primary factor no doubt but it has tobe coupled with a moderate price tag. Raising the price tag without a matching quality hardly works for a product and takers are not receptive to it. True, present day generation of buyers is not that much concerned with the rates but they do care to compare it with the quality factor which dominates their decisions on buying. As against this, if the rates are much cheaper and there is no quality, consumers don't accept it all. Quality is foremost and it is measured well by the customers if supported with a reasonable price tag.

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Tuesday, 22 April 2008

It is Earth Day today

This Earth Day today could be very important a day if the inhabitants, ofcourse humans in particular, take a pledge to spare a thought for its survival. After all nothing including planets is immortal and this very Earth too is liable to get reduced to a level of nullity much sooner if those enjoying its benefits neglect it. It's not that all are required to play miracles for the purpose or act full time to care for it. What they can most easily do is put some minor changes in their routine behaviour. What we do, what we eat, what are the activities we indulge in, where we go and how we behave on different counts themselves are the factors which, if directed in a proper order, can do wonders to protect the Earth, mother earth as it is called in India. Lust for non vegetarian food, smoking, bumper use of polythene, tobaco chewers spitting in all nook and corner of their movements, hyper usage of air conditioners, killing animals to prepare fancy items, devastation of greeneries by cutting trees and plants are all the areas that cause a large scale erosion spoiling the very structure of earth.20071128170402 Doing things strictly need base

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d is ofcourse something just unavoidable but there can be no problem in minimising it to a barest possible level. Technological developments are in many ways responsible for a large scale pollution which area is no doubt very difficult to minimise unless progress and developments are compromised but there again it is a question of restraint. It is never that difficult to keep technological activities within a logical frame of activities. Say for instance computers which are no more any sort of a luxury but a dire need of the day are gigantically disrupting the very environment with scraps generated in thousands of tons through its mail component. The mails when printed alongwith their attachments. This area is also the one quite minimisable if their disposal devices are methodically monitored. Wood mafias and money maker hawks are great enemies to greeneries and they require to be duly fixed for the nuisance element they are adding to environment which task can better be performed by the respective administrations but common people need no licence to safeguard the entity and existence of the earth. We, the people, owe a responsibility to contribute our might in securing due safeguards and security for the very survival of the mankind but the very Earth itself. It is a day when we take a solemn pledge on that count.

Monday, 21 April 2008

A lesson on English

While surfing comments on my blog I came across the one from China. Difficult as it was for me to make out the substance of it as I don't know Chinese. I wish I knew it besides the few ones I use otherwise. I had to depend on Google's translation icon and it turned out to be a pointer to me as to how come I could not use proper English. Felt shocked. The very article on the post was a review of Benazir Bhutto's 'Daughter of the East' where I had to quote verbatim a certain text used by the author herself relating to a dialogues during proceedings in the Court. It was originally in Urdu scripted as such in Roman. Possible this is what was aimed at by the reader who thought it was an English text wrongfully used by me. For a moment I had to wilfully forget my gold medal in English literature and the covetous prize of best speaker in the language I had got in an inter varsity debate during my student days. I am not at all inclined to discard the remark of my reader, I rather take welcome it coming as it does from a person who took my post in an earnest seriousness but what I am unable to comprehend is the fact as to how it was that the reader didn't take it in the right spirit. Quoting some text in its original version is a normal feature to give the expression its real shape and it is something quite generally practiced by the writers, journalists and the bloggers. Globally recognized Oxford dictionary every now and then adds to it different words from other languages adopting them as the ones as part of it. I only wish my learned reader might have realised it before directing his anguish towards me.

Friday, 18 April 2008

Bloggers beware !

Working on a computer at times gives a lot of something like a nightmarish experience. Spams are a common feature and worse than that are the willfull acts on the part of certain agencies as if they are the ones all the time sitting free to cause impediments to those who write on a laptop or a desktop. Only the other day I had some sort of a big pinch while attempting a writeup on my laptop. This attempt was preceded by a snippet appearing on the screen recommending installation of a high level brand of a particular software which I had avoided to evade cost burden. Appearing repeatedly, I had to close it to overcome unnecessary irritation. A day later when I was going through comments on my blog to moderate them I came across the one that said 'Read here'. Without even remotely realising that there could be something of a mischief in it I innocently clicked it to find that it was nothing relating to any of my posts on my blog but just a note of caution threatening fatal results for my computer if a particular software (as appeared earlier) was not downloaded by me. I didn't agree. That moment

onwards I found that my laptop was almost disfunctional and every time I tried to do something I was confronted with some irritating query or the other with different types of small windows appearing on the screen like wild bees hovering all around. The prblem grew further in more grotesque an order and even my otherwise a competent system administrator failed to eradicate it. I had no way but to go for a complete resetting of the total system but the damage caused to me was enormous as I had to suffer the loss of important data in the process. Using this post as a medium for the purpose, I only felt that I owe a responsibility to caution my fellow bloggers to be cautious enough while going through their emails particularly relating to comments and messages. I wish others are able to be careful enough not to become victims of such an undesirable tactics on the part of a few or may be many.

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Heralding cultural heritage of India

A powerfully rich cultural heritage of India is a great source of inspiration to the world right from its Vedic age culminating into an enormous strength with unit in diversity message. India blog deserves laurels for necessary focus on it.

Reason for soaring prices ?

The top ruling forum in the form of cabinet ministers at the apex in India are supposed to come out with cogent explanations on different matters but what they very often do is just quixotically funny to meet their anxiety to answer the public questions with a novelty. One of the ministers telling that soaring prices are there because of North Indians consuming too much of rice, the other one replying that it is because of Indians living standard abruptly growing too high and yet the next one supplementing that the reason for soaring prices lies in some of the countries facing similar situations and that the problem is global. The scenario reminds of a joke concerning the then cabinet minister Sardar Baldeo Singh in Pt. Nehru's Council of Ministers. He was out on a tour and after he left Delhi miles back, his car driver found that the car stopped. The reason being that there was no petrol left in the car and when the situation was brought to the notice of the minister, his reaction was 'ok, let us go back'. No petrol, no travelling further but the minister very well could maintain as if going back was the solution. Strange are the ways the senior functionaries at times act and react.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Friends community

There are friends, there are friends in need and there are friends with whom it is compatibly easy to have a heart to heart rapport. There are crowds, there are herds of people, there are nuisance oriented gatherings too. Where to find the real friends, friends with a heart, friends with a propensity to love? Human society is full of all these categories and no dearth of congregations on all counts. The problem actually lies in locating the ones who owe their affinity and element of kinship to you in a selfless order. Possibly the birds and animals are the best on that count. They have the capacity to love without any malice. Not tobe taken amiss, humans are yet to match the great speechless lovers as the birds and animals are.

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Hearsays too count as relevant

Normally hearsays are considered as something irrelevant when measured in terms of substance branding them unworthy of taking any notice. Take the case of rustics pen picturised by Thomas Hardy in his novels. They are taken as always talking loose of something or the other but whatever the utterances they make become the talk of the town as a big news. They talk of the downfall of the Mayor of Casterbridge and he is on his way out of his post. On other topics concerning the town they talk and people realise soon that there was much of substance in what they said. Ritually the notice is taken of what emerges at the level of important people as they are after all the people who count in many respects. Not necessary always that what emerges in important quarters is significant, may be what common people talk is equally important. Juleus Caezer's astrologer made a forecast of his murder which he ruled out even after he was reminded on the fateful day. What actually happened is history. Had Juleus Caezer taken the due notice of his well wisher astrologer, possibly his murder by his own men could have been avoided. Words are words and simply because they come from the common people they are not to be taken neglibly.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

The great innovative tool that is Zookoda

Writers and the bloggers have always an unsatiable hunger for some material or the other to make their writeups meaningful and substantive for the reason that they are not supposed to take up the situations half way. No gainsaying that there are channels and agencies that provide lot of material to form the text of various writeups but mostly the informations so provided are in certain fixed directions and many a times it happens that what the writer exactly needs is no where there to lay their hands on. Bloggers, hankering as they do all the time for the requisite know hows on the subject, fail to land where they actually want. ZOOKODA has virtually heralded a new era in this direction providing all that a writer needs by way of news bulletins and the messages. The process and the total modus operendi is not any sort of a fixed methodology, it is flexible, it is feasible, it is ongoing. Designed specifically for bloggers, this email marketing application practically has a potential of working wonders in creative directions. On very perusal of the relative literature on its functionality, I quite realise as a writer that possibly this is what I needed for a long time. Composite informations consolidated most scientifically releasable as a serial are capable of making the whole system tempestuously attractive. They deserve laurels besides the great recognition they have been able to procure. The contact system between ZOOKODA and the bloggers is drawn so meticulously that there is no reason for a blogger to feel handicapped on any count. Name a problem identifying it through your work schedule and you readily find a solution either in the already circulated news items or readily available through enormously popular a service for customers, the customers love. Looks like a revolution on news building. I as one feel not only so delighted but equally excited and I am sure there could be several thousands of people anxiously awaiting to look to ZOOKODA for an ultimate answer to whatever problems they are normally supposed to undergo on many counts when harnessed to writing tasks.
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She rose from rags to riches and what not

Originally Lindsay Lohan followed by certain other names and finally Marilyn Monroe, she was the one who had a most difficult phase of her life to the extent that she had to be left by her parents to be taken care of by some relative of theirs. There were occasions when she had to compromise her modesty for small favours in her routine life. An astounding beauty as she was, she made the waves whichever way she went. Her glamour was noticed and it hardly took much time for her to become a heartthrob of many. She was now Marilyn Monroe leaving her other names far behind. A model, an antress and then a celebrity in film industry, she was a hot topic of reference everywhere in her country. The media recently reporting the sale of one of her sex tapes at $1.5 million created a sensation. This tape shows her performing oral sex with a male figure standing in her front and she herself doing the act with herself on her knees. What is indicated in the news is that the male figure appearing in the picture could be that of John F. Kennedy. Her romance stories are a big series. Her suicide story still remaining a mystery, there are many who claim that it was no suicide but a murder. Every time you read about her, there is a new story always on various counts. Starting her life on a note of misery, entering the world of glamour and then reaching the pinnacle with bounties, she was a source of charm and attraction for millions of people and now it is only a great mystery that surrounds her.

How burdensome are the taxes

Of all the liabilities one has to handle, tax dues are normally taken as the ones of a worst order. Necessary evil as it is, people normally have no go but to pay. It hardly matters for the biggies as they can very well afford to manage it as for them it is just a routine modus operendi in their balance sheets -one item here and the other one somewhere else. Balance sheets of the business magnates are healthy enough to accommodate their financial burdens. Individual tax payers are a lot to suffer most as they can't afford manoeuvrings. They are hardly left with any recourse to divert their dues liability. Differ as it does from country to country, tax laws are not the same every where except that they are all common in heavily burdening their citizens in some name or the other. Some will name it a developmental activity or a measure of progress and some will call it an emergency imposition. There is competition between Central Government and the governments in States. They may differ on many counts politically but they are all uniformly one in branding taxation as a dire need. A normal tax payer doesn't mind slashing down his routine maintenance expenssses to pay a reasonably moderate tax but he has no access to venues where the money is actually utilised, nay misutilised. Why blackmoney hunkies should bother about this monstrous imposition? Normal man has to undergo a big pinch on that count. Devices do exist to save tax like investing hard earned money in a tax saving scheme but that again is a matter of having enough monetary strength. Wherefrom it can come? Infact undue imposition of tax tempts the people to resort to unfair means of saving tax by concealing their income in some way or the other. It is no justifying their act but factually speaking many a tax evaders are forced into behaving as such as a matter of compulsion as they can't afford compromising their family's bread and butter to prove a goodie in tax paying. You earn more for sustentation of the family, your tax liability increases and if you opt not to earn adequately your family suffers and there lies the dilemma of getting confronted between devil and the deep sea. Tax saving investments could be a frugal way of protecting your money against erosion in income but the scope on that count is only limited and too narrow for the purpose.

Monday, 14 April 2008

socialspark : social media marketing, blog marketing, blog advertising

socialspark : social media marketing, blog marketing, blog advertising

Bewitchingly appealing, the contents brief but powerful, form an irresistible temptation for the viewer to go for it. If first impression is supposed to be the last, nay lasting, impression, I as the one do feel that way only. Looks like why it was not reachable earlier. Any way it hardly matters if it arrived late, the fact remains that it commands a tremendous potential of leaving its mark and impact where ever it treds.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Badshah or King ?

Text Link Ads What a controversy? The media, the people, the information agencies are all engrossed in every time talking about as to who stands where, whether it is Amitabh Bachhan who is the real Badshah of film industry or whether virtually it is Shahrukh Khan who stands on the top as the King in Bollywood. Why this question is raised every now and then and at times it appears as if there is no other business warranting attention in the affairs of the country. Both these stars are a great asset for the nation and both have enormous contribution in enhancing and propagating the image of the country at the global level. Amitabh Bachhan is the one actor who has played all roles pertaining to the society. When asked by a journalist as to whether there is any role he has not yet played, Amitabh Bachhan's answer recently was 'yes, Bhoot'. Bhoot is his new picture where his role is that of a ghost. Symbolically this answer also gave a distant impression of Amitabh Bachhan talking of a phase after life as he is now quite in an advancing age block. Whatever roles he has played till now are all a superb performance, animated and lively. Shahraukh has been a role model of youth after Amitabh's image as 'angry young man' started feigning. An amount of overacting is most often found in Shahrukh's performance but it was never the case with Amitabh Bachhan. These are the after the roles imitating life on screen but what really matters is as to how these roles are performed. Performance wise both are the gems procuring global laurels for India and there is no reason why unnecessary grades be added to them isolating one from the other. Both deserve appreciation, recognition and respect by the people of the country.

Used Cars

Why used cars or why go for used vehicles when there are plenty of new models available in the market ? This is the question that most often hovers around the minds of the potential buyers. Those who aspire, and almost every body in the present day living style does so, to go for a vehicle for themselves and their family apply their choices hundreds of times and this choice exercise at times assumes a proportion that causes them tension. The moot point remains whether this should be a brand new car or the used one which is supposed to be comparatively priced moderately. There always two options for the buyers to go to -negotiating directly with the owner or depend on a dealer for the purpose. Dealing individually with the owner may not be feasible from information point of view compared to dealing with the dealer who is fully equipped with all details mainly including full technical analysis of the vehicle. The 18 points checklist provided on the website besides any other queries with their answers and explainations available through the search column on it are abundantly rich features that enable the buyers to find their selection compatibly easy and smooth. From test drive(s) to technical fittings all aspects of inspection are covered in these 18 points facilitating examination of the car quite enabling the buyer to fullly satisfy himself/herself reaching decision level just so conveniently. Old is gold as it is said but it is never worth just going for a buy on the face of it, it has to be thoroughly examined and inspected. Even in the case of new cars, examination and inspection are a must necessary tools of which are exhaustively available on relative website.used cars

Monday, 7 April 2008

Winning a woman's favour

You favour a woman and then you are lost is what Thomas Hardy mentioned in one of his novels. It was said in a particular context and situation but holds good in generality to determine psychological propensity of the ladies revealing their approach in romance. Similarly favour or disfavour manifested by them is not to be taken for granted. R.L.Stevenson was somewhat an ugly looking man although built up wise he was stout and strong. The woman with whom he wanted intimacy rejected him telling that he was nothing more than a scoundrel but what ultimately happened was no body's guess. Without hardly any one taking notice of it, both of them became friends within no time, were promiscuously close to each other and ultimately eloped to some distant place. This has been the case with several eminent personalities too besides writers and the poets. P.B.Shelley and Milton were no exception. Much is talked about the dark lady of Shakespeare's sonnets. The women look like affirmatively reacting to men's romantic gestures or not but the fact remains that in love both are the same with modalities ofcourse differing. If love at first sight is there, it is there for both man and woman and there is never any point in locating varying modes based on sex. Shakespeare talked of speechless messages by Portia to Basanio in his Merchant of Venice. These were the exchange of love messages between the two. Language is always the same be it a man or woman.

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Saturday, 5 April 2008

If Aishwarya Rai was an ordinary woman ?

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She has been Miss Universe, she is a beauty and a heart throb of  millions of people the world over, she is the leading lady occupying the top rung of the film industry and what not could it be that she has not been able to enjoy in life. She virtuallly reigns with her looks that cause the waves whichever side she directs her gaze. Her love biggies being a large number acting as rivals with one another in several instances are a story in themselves. Suppose for a moment that she was not what she is and was just an ordinary woman in some locality in which case the assessment on many counts could have been just different. The laws of the society could have prevailed to cast disdainful looks on her for having free styled love affairs and may be she was discarded by the puritans dictating terms in the social arena of things. Religious mythologies are full of such stories where women used to have physical relations with several males at a time like Kunti in Mahabharat or Draupadi of Pandawas. There are stories where women with one husband for life were adored and worshipped. There are yet stories where women didn't go for the ritual of marriage but had a full fledged physical alliance with men switching over to one after the other. Applying an analytical appraisal of the total scenario, what is evident on the surface is the phenomenon that the social rules were drastically applied on the females who otherwise were not strong enough to take cudgels against the rule makers in the society but those who had a capacity and status to assert were not touched. Amrapalli in Budha era was bold enough to declare, ofcourse presse by circumstances, that she was for opting prostitution as her career which announcement was sumptuously hailed by those very men who were known for making laws against free love. Ours is a society where strength counts as against role of a simpleton meekly succumbing to irrelevant social rules.

Unproductive personnel

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The recent news appearing in the press that there are lot many offices under the control of the Central Government that have no work at all and the staff so employed there keep only loitering here and there. Most of the staff, the news says, consists of the accommodated ones as a favour extended to them by their masters. Again an instance of undue and uncalled for pressure on public exchequer. This is not an isolated case of wastages as there are many such areas where most of the personnel is either not used at all with necessary amount of productivity or they are used in the directions which are  meaningless from a positive angle view point. Like large number of staff posted and attached to VIPs or so called VIPs are the ones who are used by the beneficiaries more for their own work including domestic work than the really required security. Such a practice is more common in political circles where the personnel concerned  works as a power threat against the adversaries. It is a normal scene any where where an MLA or some one else like him is found forcing his entry in different places overpowering the other traffic on the road and it is all done with the help of the security force placed at their disposal. Misuse of official machinery is not a new thing in a country like ours with the difference that earlier it was done in a  most limited manner and the same is adopted as a routine practice in much bigger a measure.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Efficiency orientation in offices

Running an office in a neatly furnished office with office equipments placed orderly is a matter much different to running it in a casual style. If efficiency counts, and it does count I believe, a good office is the basic need for it as important things just can't be attended to in a loosely shabby atmosphere. Placed in a healthy work atmosphere with a live environment of ease and facilitation, one undoubtedly feels like working with more centralised an attention apply the required focus to the job he does. In one of my newly started offices, I had ordered a neat furnishing of it with an elegant furniture to suit both the staff and the visitors. A complaint was lodged with the administration who were prompt enough to institute an enquiry, an act they are quick to resort to to trace the avenues for money by way of illegal gratifications, which was conducted with a speed. Investigators team arrived, interrogated office functionaries and they had an appointment with me too. I affirmatively confessed the irregularities pointing them out that all is done at my instance. They looked apologetic but maintained their posture of negation on the point that it was too much of money wasted on office maintenance. Look, I am not running an aashram or a dharmshalla, I am running an office which has to be business friendly, was  my reaction to them adding that I was not for making any amends to what was done. Dismayed, they went back murmuring that better it was if there was some economy applied on furnishings. The complaint ofcourse was later closed for want of any substantial proof of any misuse.

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Tuesday, 1 April 2008

It is a blackmail only

Many a ways to make money are there and many are the techniques adopted by money minters on that count. One such simple looking modus operandi is to have depositors money, keep it with them for a longest possible delayable time gap and earn interest thereon. Withdrawals made by the depositors are not instantly implemented. They are registered, accepted and then payment released by a cheque which again consumes time by the time proceeds thereof are delivered to the payee. The practice is very common with websites dealing in share trading. Buy the shares and within fraction of a second your security account is debited but when you opt for a withdrawal the very speed of debiting your account is just missing. You click on a withdrawal to get a reply that it is accepted. You get a cheque for it after several days and here again some more days are wasted by the time you finally get the very own payment of yours. Most of the time during these gaps, the proceeds remain with the companies running the web site and the interest they earn through transitional gaps amounts to a huge sum at the cost of the customers. Bigger the company, bigger the exploitation is what one can easily see by closely looking at the total transactional deals involved. The most high profile companies like Reliance are thriving most on such a practice. The way the total banking system in the world has undergone a tremendous change for the better, there is no reason to justify delaying tactics in transactions. This infact is done deliberately to secure maximum possible gains by applying transactional tricks and all this costs, as usual in many an areas, the customers. The practice, it appears, suits the administration too who find no reason to interfere in the matter.