Thursday, 17 April 2008

Reason for soaring prices ?

The top ruling forum in the form of cabinet ministers at the apex in India are supposed to come out with cogent explanations on different matters but what they very often do is just quixotically funny to meet their anxiety to answer the public questions with a novelty. One of the ministers telling that soaring prices are there because of North Indians consuming too much of rice, the other one replying that it is because of Indians living standard abruptly growing too high and yet the next one supplementing that the reason for soaring prices lies in some of the countries facing similar situations and that the problem is global. The scenario reminds of a joke concerning the then cabinet minister Sardar Baldeo Singh in Pt. Nehru's Council of Ministers. He was out on a tour and after he left Delhi miles back, his car driver found that the car stopped. The reason being that there was no petrol left in the car and when the situation was brought to the notice of the minister, his reaction was 'ok, let us go back'. No petrol, no travelling further but the minister very well could maintain as if going back was the solution. Strange are the ways the senior functionaries at times act and react.
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