Monday, 7 April 2008

Winning a woman's favour

You favour a woman and then you are lost is what Thomas Hardy mentioned in one of his novels. It was said in a particular context and situation but holds good in generality to determine psychological propensity of the ladies revealing their approach in romance. Similarly favour or disfavour manifested by them is not to be taken for granted. R.L.Stevenson was somewhat an ugly looking man although built up wise he was stout and strong. The woman with whom he wanted intimacy rejected him telling that he was nothing more than a scoundrel but what ultimately happened was no body's guess. Without hardly any one taking notice of it, both of them became friends within no time, were promiscuously close to each other and ultimately eloped to some distant place. This has been the case with several eminent personalities too besides writers and the poets. P.B.Shelley and Milton were no exception. Much is talked about the dark lady of Shakespeare's sonnets. The women look like affirmatively reacting to men's romantic gestures or not but the fact remains that in love both are the same with modalities ofcourse differing. If love at first sight is there, it is there for both man and woman and there is never any point in locating varying modes based on sex. Shakespeare talked of speechless messages by Portia to Basanio in his Merchant of Venice. These were the exchange of love messages between the two. Language is always the same be it a man or woman.

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