Wednesday, 30 April 2008

If these pants could talk

Not necessary that one's look and style is always measured in terms of dress so used by him/her in its totality. The viewers very often have a tendency to focuss their attention isolating one wear from the other. When switching over to a well stitched dress from a mere loin at the beginning of the civilisation, what was thought of at the first stage was a pant (panties ofcourse were out of question those days) and it continues to form an integral part of the total dress scenario. It has undergone drastic changes in its look, shape and design with the passage of time. Size wise variations include slashing down the length and width of it to match individual fancies. Knickers mode of it which was earlier considered to be something as knick-knack is a choice wear now for men and even for women. There is certainly nothing matching to it so far as personal comfort is concerned. It suits the advertisers community in highlighting the body parts (even private parts are no exception) as it helps more vividly describing the product, say for instance the dealers in hosiery displaying a man in his knickers showing a woman looking at him lustily obviously popularising the product brand. When it comes to a convenient wears, they are the choice even for concervatives and traditionalists. Pants are the choice not only for the one who uses them, they are more the choice for those who look at them. The user is not supposed to try it just only for himself/herself applying his/her favourite style, it is to be done more from the view point of the onlookers.Dockers
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