Friday, 18 April 2008

Bloggers beware !

Working on a computer at times gives a lot of something like a nightmarish experience. Spams are a common feature and worse than that are the willfull acts on the part of certain agencies as if they are the ones all the time sitting free to cause impediments to those who write on a laptop or a desktop. Only the other day I had some sort of a big pinch while attempting a writeup on my laptop. This attempt was preceded by a snippet appearing on the screen recommending installation of a high level brand of a particular software which I had avoided to evade cost burden. Appearing repeatedly, I had to close it to overcome unnecessary irritation. A day later when I was going through comments on my blog to moderate them I came across the one that said 'Read here'. Without even remotely realising that there could be something of a mischief in it I innocently clicked it to find that it was nothing relating to any of my posts on my blog but just a note of caution threatening fatal results for my computer if a particular software (as appeared earlier) was not downloaded by me. I didn't agree. That moment

onwards I found that my laptop was almost disfunctional and every time I tried to do something I was confronted with some irritating query or the other with different types of small windows appearing on the screen like wild bees hovering all around. The prblem grew further in more grotesque an order and even my otherwise a competent system administrator failed to eradicate it. I had no way but to go for a complete resetting of the total system but the damage caused to me was enormous as I had to suffer the loss of important data in the process. Using this post as a medium for the purpose, I only felt that I owe a responsibility to caution my fellow bloggers to be cautious enough while going through their emails particularly relating to comments and messages. I wish others are able to be careful enough not to become victims of such an undesirable tactics on the part of a few or may be many.

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