Monday, 21 April 2008

A lesson on English

While surfing comments on my blog I came across the one from China. Difficult as it was for me to make out the substance of it as I don't know Chinese. I wish I knew it besides the few ones I use otherwise. I had to depend on Google's translation icon and it turned out to be a pointer to me as to how come I could not use proper English. Felt shocked. The very article on the post was a review of Benazir Bhutto's 'Daughter of the East' where I had to quote verbatim a certain text used by the author herself relating to a dialogues during proceedings in the Court. It was originally in Urdu scripted as such in Roman. Possible this is what was aimed at by the reader who thought it was an English text wrongfully used by me. For a moment I had to wilfully forget my gold medal in English literature and the covetous prize of best speaker in the language I had got in an inter varsity debate during my student days. I am not at all inclined to discard the remark of my reader, I rather take welcome it coming as it does from a person who took my post in an earnest seriousness but what I am unable to comprehend is the fact as to how it was that the reader didn't take it in the right spirit. Quoting some text in its original version is a normal feature to give the expression its real shape and it is something quite generally practiced by the writers, journalists and the bloggers. Globally recognized Oxford dictionary every now and then adds to it different words from other languages adopting them as the ones as part of it. I only wish my learned reader might have realised it before directing his anguish towards me.

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