Saturday, 5 April 2008

Unproductive personnel

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The recent news appearing in the press that there are lot many offices under the control of the Central Government that have no work at all and the staff so employed there keep only loitering here and there. Most of the staff, the news says, consists of the accommodated ones as a favour extended to them by their masters. Again an instance of undue and uncalled for pressure on public exchequer. This is not an isolated case of wastages as there are many such areas where most of the personnel is either not used at all with necessary amount of productivity or they are used in the directions which are  meaningless from a positive angle view point. Like large number of staff posted and attached to VIPs or so called VIPs are the ones who are used by the beneficiaries more for their own work including domestic work than the really required security. Such a practice is more common in political circles where the personnel concerned  works as a power threat against the adversaries. It is a normal scene any where where an MLA or some one else like him is found forcing his entry in different places overpowering the other traffic on the road and it is all done with the help of the security force placed at their disposal. Misuse of official machinery is not a new thing in a country like ours with the difference that earlier it was done in a  most limited manner and the same is adopted as a routine practice in much bigger a measure.

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