Tuesday, 22 April 2008

It is Earth Day today

This Earth Day today could be very important a day if the inhabitants, ofcourse humans in particular, take a pledge to spare a thought for its survival. After all nothing including planets is immortal and this very Earth too is liable to get reduced to a level of nullity much sooner if those enjoying its benefits neglect it. It's not that all are required to play miracles for the purpose or act full time to care for it. What they can most easily do is put some minor changes in their routine behaviour. What we do, what we eat, what are the activities we indulge in, where we go and how we behave on different counts themselves are the factors which, if directed in a proper order, can do wonders to protect the Earth, mother earth as it is called in India. Lust for non vegetarian food, smoking, bumper use of polythene, tobaco chewers spitting in all nook and corner of their movements, hyper usage of air conditioners, killing animals to prepare fancy items, devastation of greeneries by cutting trees and plants are all the areas that cause a large scale erosion spoiling the very structure of earth.20071128170402 Doing things strictly need base

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d is ofcourse something just unavoidable but there can be no problem in minimising it to a barest possible level. Technological developments are in many ways responsible for a large scale pollution which area is no doubt very difficult to minimise unless progress and developments are compromised but there again it is a question of restraint. It is never that difficult to keep technological activities within a logical frame of activities. Say for instance computers which are no more any sort of a luxury but a dire need of the day are gigantically disrupting the very environment with scraps generated in thousands of tons through its mail component. The mails when printed alongwith their attachments. This area is also the one quite minimisable if their disposal devices are methodically monitored. Wood mafias and money maker hawks are great enemies to greeneries and they require to be duly fixed for the nuisance element they are adding to environment which task can better be performed by the respective administrations but common people need no licence to safeguard the entity and existence of the earth. We, the people, owe a responsibility to contribute our might in securing due safeguards and security for the very survival of the mankind but the very Earth itself. It is a day when we take a solemn pledge on that count.

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