Tuesday, 1 April 2008

It is a blackmail only

Many a ways to make money are there and many are the techniques adopted by money minters on that count. One such simple looking modus operandi is to have depositors money, keep it with them for a longest possible delayable time gap and earn interest thereon. Withdrawals made by the depositors are not instantly implemented. They are registered, accepted and then payment released by a cheque which again consumes time by the time proceeds thereof are delivered to the payee. The practice is very common with websites dealing in share trading. Buy the shares and within fraction of a second your security account is debited but when you opt for a withdrawal the very speed of debiting your account is just missing. You click on a withdrawal to get a reply that it is accepted. You get a cheque for it after several days and here again some more days are wasted by the time you finally get the very own payment of yours. Most of the time during these gaps, the proceeds remain with the companies running the web site and the interest they earn through transitional gaps amounts to a huge sum at the cost of the customers. Bigger the company, bigger the exploitation is what one can easily see by closely looking at the total transactional deals involved. The most high profile companies like Reliance are thriving most on such a practice. The way the total banking system in the world has undergone a tremendous change for the better, there is no reason to justify delaying tactics in transactions. This infact is done deliberately to secure maximum possible gains by applying transactional tricks and all this costs, as usual in many an areas, the customers. The practice, it appears, suits the administration too who find no reason to interfere in the matter.

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