Monday, 31 March 2008

She took away the light with her

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The Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi visited the town with the usual large bogey of her supporters including senior ministers in the Central Government and the biggies of the coterie. The city was illuminated at a large scale and it looked like it never had any problem on the power front. Wherefrom this gigantic amount of electricity came was the question lurking in the minds of the common people for whom power supply has all along been a nightmarish experience. Not an isolated case. It happens quite at intervals whenever any VVIP or even a VIP visits the city. It was her party's rally as a prologue to election campaign aimed at leaving a message to the local electorate that her party, the ruling one, could see to it that a nice budget is given to the people of the country and that the party has so excellently done well on all fronts for the welfare of the masses. What about soaring prices ? This was the question the large crowd in the audience wanted to ask but before they could muster necessary courage to raise it, they got silenced by the party volunteers and the security forces. Security is a cover most often used to protect the heavy weight politicians against the questions that sound unpleasant to them. The rallies are organised by alluring the masses in different ways promising them lot many things of interest to public being announced in the speech session. Was there any thing really of some interest to the people excepting drum beats of chantings on the recent budget? Nothing substantive. Budget so much talked about as a weapon to mobilise the masses is full of controversies and commoners consider it as a factor that enormously doubled the price rise in essential commodities particularlly the food items. Why boast of something that fails to deliver the goods in tangible terms? Soon after the Congress Chief left the city, electricity, an utility area number one for the people, got restored to routine normal disorder. Whether she realised it ? Obviously not as the public experience reveals.

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