Sunday, 2 March 2008

How catastrophic ?

Much against what I was expecting otherwise, I instead got a jolt when I found that my Blog PR is reduced to 1 from 3. The reason? I don't know nor I find it feasible to ascertain and trace it. I know any amount of a cry on the subject on my part is only to get bounced back as the one in vacuum. I noticed that PayPerPost had almost stopped sending me any material for writeups and surprisingly it happened only after they had recognized me as an 'outstanding postie' for which I thanked them most heartily. I can now understand their difficulty. It was my PageRank getting slashed down. Comprehending any visible reason behind lowering my Rank is an onerous task heavily telling upon my other schedules quite hectic otherwise and obviously I have no option but to keep quiet. I do feel demoralised within myself for the reason that such a unilaterally taken action has no cogent reasons to show. My discipline of doing things has all along been to work faithfully and sincerely without any hanky panky order. The setback so caused is bound to haunt me for a long time. Could it be somethign engineered ? I resist against such a thought but in the same time get dragged to a realisation that possibly it can't be ruled out altogether. I have other blogs too, some of them with a good Page Rating at 4 but the very fear that this again may meet the same fate on some frivolous ground or the other cripples my enthusiasm to persue my work further. My sincere thanks to PayPerPost still spring up from my heart, more so as I had to compromise my relationship on that count with others in the field dealing with me. My heart bleeds.

From 'MyDiary'.

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