Saturday, 8 March 2008

Invisible friends

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How peculiar it looks to be in contact with hundreds of persons and still no interaction face to face. This is what actually happens while operating online be it for business or be it in the context of writing posts on blogs. I come across a large number of my admirers giving beautiful comments on my posts which obviously I receive well and relish too. I quite feel like putting a word of thanks to them but on many an instances I fail to do so as email I so send doesn't reach them for the reason that it was not contactable. May be the person addressed to by me feels that I did not bother to even acknowledge the comments on my posts but how to communicate to them that I did make efforts in that direction and it did not reach them for them. So funny are the ways that work in email system very often fails. I received a call from a person complaining that it was too bad on my part not to acknowledge messages of comments and when I shared my problem with her she gave me another email address of hers that ofcourse worked. It doesn't happen in all the cases as every one is not supposed to waste a call every time she/he gives a comment on my post and dependence on the email system continues to remain functioning of which is hardly punctuated with a fool proof result. Once I perused a post of someone who wrote a nice poem on pangs of seclusion coupled with a line indicating that she was feeling like committing suicide. I did feel upset and keenly wanted to get her through some message urging upon her not to resort to such actions. I couldn't get her and had to write a post on 'Mystery Woman' consoling myself with the thought that may be she comes across this and gets the message I wanted to send her.

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