Saturday, 15 March 2008

Benazir Bhutto as a writer

Text Link Ads Posthumously published after Benazir Bhutto was no more, her book 'Reconciliation -Islam, Democracy and The West', her second one after 'Daughter of the East', the book shows the author as much better a writer. Certain reviews are already there including the one by M.J. Akbar and the other one by Salman Khurshid. The reviews cover both -her adorable life and equally the controvercial part of it. 'Daughter of the East' was on an emotional note whereas the 'Reconciliation' reveals her more as a matured politician. This book talks more of her personal qualities and grandeur is the observation made by one of the reviewers. Yeh, it is there. Looks like it has to be there as it is dishonest on the part of any writer if she/he conceals a description simply because it highlights her/him in the process. Prejudice is a prejudice whether you talk of others or talk of even yourself. How come one should not vividly describe the events for the reasons that they relate to the author herself. Be honest to the world, be honest to yourself too. The political developments she has covered are certainly the development that highlight her glofifying her in the public eyes. This was possible only if she could either have not touched the total background at all or could have removed the very potions which proved capable of putting her much more in a lime light. Both ways it was not at all fair on the part of the writer. Being forthright sticking to the very spirit of the event is supposed to be a writer's approach and this is what has been done by Benazir Bhutto. The very tilt of her inclination of affirmation towards American power, which has been crticised in reviews, is again the offshoot of the total political developments and is not the subject to be read in isolation. Studied in totality of the situation in which she was all along placed, whatever she has written in both her books is a frank narrative of events and scenarios which job she did as an excellent writer.
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