Sunday, 9 March 2008

Warring factions in SBISA

Internal conflicts, group clashes and a routine bout fighting each other are a normal phenomenon. As we can witness them physically, they need no interpretation or an analysis by experts as it happens in the situations relating to the past. Only today two conflicting groups belonging to SBISA (State Bank of India Staff Association) with their contestants in election due within next few days called on me, both having large number of supporters with them -one quite big and the other one comparatively smaller obviously to enlist my patronage. As is the scenario obtaining in political circles, other local factors are prone to adopting the same style and patter in conducting their affairs like politicians do. One trying to overpower the other. Final ratings in respect of any forum or union lies with the general membership and such a rating presently is quite poor as they do not feel secure in the newly generated tactics on dealigns with the workforce by the management. They strongly feel they are not safe. They watch with interest a chance for VRS (Voluntary Retirement Scheme) which they are eater to avail at the earliest opportunity for the simple reason that sooner they get out of the office they serve the better. Leadership commands hardly any respect. Following wise, the supporters join lobbies based on groups as there is nothing like some

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definite ideology or princeples. Fighting for what ? Fighting for whom ? Problem with the electorate is always that usually they are not assertive and all moves stop at group politics leaving the real mission of service far away behind in the background. Like public of the country is unable to apply their right of franchise in a fair manner, so are all other sections in different sectors. If right of franchise is allowed to be applied in its right perspective, the possibility of deserving leaders emerging to surface is very much there. Electing the people who deserve a position is a healthy sign of the very establishment furthering the interest of the people but in the absence of it the position is just otherwise. Why contestants in any election can't take it as a mission on their part to serve the people, think of their interest, restore them the needed security ? If they are able to do so or those who deserve based on their conduct and performance, they are the leaders in honest terms qualifying themselves for a buck up from all sides.

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