Sunday, 9 March 2008

A deep dip downward in share market

Bear beating the bull, the share market looks all set to repeat what happened nearly a month back causing great setbacks to the share holders community. It happens. Nothing much uncommon in the scenario so obtaining. There are conflicting statements on the part of those whose words on the subject count much. Politicians, Ministry concerned, Experts and business magnates. What is visible on the surface is hardly in consonance with what is talked about. It looks at times like the current scenario took off after Reliance Power was floated. Those who floated it have an excellent reputation in the business world and the question is how come this venture of theirs flopped. To boost up the morale of their investers, they declared giving bonus shares which too could hardly do any thing to bring any improvement in the market. The set back is not confined to Reliance Power alone, it has taken into grips the stock market as a whole. Even others including State Bank who have the reputation of remaining stable have miserably suffered. The very enthusiasm of the investors stands badly crippled which situation emerged after people around 10 lakh in number showed so much of anxiety in this share that they had to open new Demat accounts with banks and various other agencies. This was the group who never had invested in shares in the past. Their enthusiasm bounced back to the extent of their total disappointment and todays position is that none of them is in a position to think of undertaking any risk at all. Possibly it is like all that glitters is not gold. Once bitten twice shy is the factor that is operating coupled with an otherwise international market scenario with the result that any sigh of relief in near future appears just utopian.

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