Sunday, 16 March 2008

Century of a hundred springs

As the Vedic saying goes 'Jeevem shardah shatam' (let us live for hundred years), there are many who practice it in physical terms and there are yet who go even beyond that. The example of a practising advocate from Patna (Bihar) Bajrang Bahadur Singh as appropriately highlighted by the Press is a great source of inspiration who aspire for a long span of life. At the age of 103 he is the one who still follows his rigorous routine of attending cases in Patna courts. The secret of a long life, as he says, is simple living and vegetarian food with a disciplined pattern of functionality in routine. Long life is neither a secret nor so difficult to get it, what is actually warranted is necessary will on the part of the person concerned. Necessary will coupled with simple food habits with moderate exercises and yoga makes it quite possible. There are several persons in the world above 100 years, some of them crossing even above 120 years. How could they make it is the question the answer of which lies in their life style itself. I came across instance of such a person in this list who never had been to a bigger city as he never felt easy at the thought of leaving his village even for a shorter gap of time. It doesn't mean that those living in bigger cities can not aspire for a bigger span of life. They very well can. Village atmosphere is not that much dominated by materialism and the people there still believe in simplicity with a rich envirnment all around away from pollution. Thought process too is a vital factor. Tension free thinking helps. In the cities life is never that easy, it is rather always laden with strain and tension leading a person to go through uneasy moments most of the time. If these areas are duly taken care of with adherence to a regulated system of living, long span of life is possible for any one irrespective of the fact whether he belongs to village or town. Individual concentration matters much. What one thinks and how he does it is equally important. Thinking good of others pays, thinking bad with malice against others is a negative factor. It tells upon one's health and his physical faculties. Living simple, leading simple food habits with normal physical activities without any thing malicious against others, rather thinking good of them are the essential ingredients to secure the bliss of longevity in life.

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