Thursday, 6 March 2008

Guess sellers in Share Market

Text Link Ads Few decades back only share market was hardly that popular as it is today. Majority of people are in this business, they are businessmen, professionals, students or others. They are full timers and they are part timers but they are there in some form or the other. Much drumming done on the subject is that it is nothing like gambling like it used to be known earlier and that it is now very much a scientifically based rationale where systematic assessments and logical calculations work. Difficult to say how far it could be correct as till date there is no agency available to forecast the behaviour of share market in accurate terms. Whatever is there it is nothing more than a guess. It is a different matter that there are large number of persons who are making enough of money on forecasting the future behaviour of shares. Presently the market is miserably in a bad shape upsetting the investors regularly for the last several weeks. If the guess of the share pundits was to be taken as true, the present setback should not have been there. There is factually no fool proof a measuring rod to testify as to which type of scenario is in the offing for the market. Whatever the share pundits do is like what the shepherds used to do, and are still doing in remote areas, to forecast on rains. If they saw herds of ants coming out of their shelter holes running to safer places like trees, it was seen as a sign that the rains to occur and for that reason the ants movement was directed this way. Full of suspense, anxiety and tension, share trading has been and continues to be a matter of guess only.
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