Saturday, 1 March 2008

Answer please ?

Silence is gold, it is said. Silence at personal level is not the same as it is in business dealings. At personal leve, impressions are drawn based on body language which is not the case with commercial dealings particularly when dealing with business tycoons online. If I don't talk to my friend, my friend goes by an easily drawn an inference that I am annoyed. Working online, the concerned person who matter for the purpose are in the background only never visible and interactable. Narratives elaborated on the subject are so grotesque that at times it becomes to difficult to make out any sense out of it and howsoever best an attempt is made the answer you aim at for a problem or a meaningful interpretation is not at all found in the list of their FAQS. They ofcourse do repeat their advice to contact them in case the user is having some problem but that is after all a ritual of their routine and is hardly directed seriously. It's not that they don't answer at all, they do but this they do entirely at their convenience getting fully satisfied that the very question is of their interest. If it is not to their direct interest they opt keeping quiet on the subject unmindful of the difficulties the user of the site may have to experience in the absence of an answer. Why they do so ? Why dependence on mechanical tools mainly including website operations should be allowed to assume a proportion where the element of personal touch is reduced to a point of nullity. Going through an article in English magazine from U.K. quite some time back I came across a cartoon showing a group of employees going to their boss to lodge their protest against mechanisation and it was to their amazement when they found on entering the chamber that the man sitting in his chair to act as their boss was not actually a man but just a machine. True, there are robots who have now a capability to match that of a man but machine is a machine only and is not able atleast presently to be exactly at par with the man particularly in the matter of feelings. A study shows that by 2050 the robots are likely to acquire the status of a human even feeling wise, do emotions based things, even indulge in sex activities and perform all that can be imagined. Atleast till then, the human functionaries in the background of online operations are supposed to respond to their feelings on their problems. They should be good enough to materially answer the queries raised to them before this right of their is taken away by the robots.

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