Saturday, 29 March 2008

Saw her spraying sugar granules

While on a stroll in a local park the other day I saw a woman spraying sugar granules to feed ants selecting different spots for the purpose. What was it she was doing I asked her. It was to feed hungry ants, she replied. I felt moved on the attention she was paying to the creatures. Ants too were responding to her gesture with activity and enthusiasm. Social chemistry of ants is so perfect that it hardly takes any time for their monitors to organise them to assemble all at a place to enjoy the feed. It is much better an organising capacity vested in them compared to humans. Such activities on the part of humans, particularly the women, are on two counts -religion and compassion. Certain religions advocate a faith that you feed the ants and you shall be placed much better in your next birth. Element of compassion too is more or less on the same footing drawing an impression that if you help the small creatures, you shall be helped in many ways by others. Whatever be the background in which one takes it but the fact remains that helping small creatures or say helping any one does beget help in several ways and above all is the factor of self satisfaction, the very satisfaction that you are doing some thing for others. Sounds much in contrast to what people take as a fancy in killing animals but if there are killers there is no dearth of those who love and care the other live beings on earth. The very picture of the woman so intensely involved in feeding the ants is still hovering in my mind.
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