Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Budget your dreams

Text Link Ads Budget is there for every thing and nothing moves without it. Government has a budget and so are the individuals. In the present day world even dreams are a matter subjected to this. Dreaming free styled doesn't work as it turns out to be utterly utopian. Dreams with a rationale coupled with well framed approach are the ones capable of gaining a tangible shape. Saying wise it looks nice to talk of 'let sky be the limit' but practically it may not be necessary nor feasible to procure it. Current scenario obtaining all over the world is that of dreaming big but dreaming alone is bound to fail unless supported by the tools it needs. I think of some thing and I am the one deserving what I want to attain gives me necessary eligibility to dream in a biggest possible measure. The trend as it is seen presently is to dream and dream. What barren dreams can do in the absence of requisite efforts. Those dreaming big without necessary substance base in it most often get disillusioned which results into a deep disappointment and frustration making the of the concerned individual just so miserable. It is these very frustrated elements who resort to unfair channels, it is for money or for any other purpose, and when they find their dreams collapsing they go for activities like kidnapping for a ransom, looting the people, targetting the ladies for their jewellery. Nice to dream big but it has tobe within a budget that justifies it in a tangible order.
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