Monday, 10 March 2008

Too much of unilaterism

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States abolished, Rajaas and Maharajas were fixed aiming at doing away with anarchism and dictatorship. This was the past. Anything that appears like going out infact doesn't go out virtually, it remains in some form or the other. This is the culture prevalent all over the world. The very propensity of humans to behave authocratic does emerge on the surface at the first available opportunity. Opening computer for online operations actually opens up a flood gate of innumerable tempting ads alluring the people to fall for them. They look sweet and attractive initially to be followed by an experience which is not only inconvenient and cumbersome but highly delusive. Whatever the ads including those relating to blogs are the ones that contain a big world of incentives enticing you away to signing up with them. The real trauma starts after you are enrolled as their subscriber. The story that follows thereafter is that of an 'action', a 'ban' and even 'legal proceedings' terrorising the blog writers with several intimidations. They start behaving as masters dictating terms to those contributing their writeups. The channels involved like Page Rank and the like by Google and others behave as monarchs. They will do the slashing in Page Rank at their whim and fancy deliberately unmindful of the problem and demoralisation it may cause to those who are affected by it. They will give no chance to get heard howsoever best one tries to contact them. Not necessary that whatever is their verdict in the matter is only correct and rest of the world is no match to them. This is a sort of most erratic an unilaterism warranting assertive measures against it. The monopolistic agencies suffer from the complex that they have guts to continue as bulls in the market with no match. They are mistaken as history stands a testimony to it that those crossing their limits had ultimately to bite the dust when paid in their own coins.

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