Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Incapacitation too inspires

Once rendered incapacitated on whatever count, trivial or major, one just feels like he/ she is out of form and can not join an activity that otherwise interests him/ her so much. It needs only some amount of resoluteness on the part of the person concerned and that fully takes care of the handicap which one suffers from. Just the other day I had gone for an eye operation for cataract. Doctors advised me complete rest atleast for a week prescribing no reading, no writing and above all no interaction with computer. I had to skip a certain number of opportunities which I was otherwise supposed to attend as a blogger. With focus on a particular offer, I opted to attend to it, covered my eye that was operated with a dark black scarf besides the coloured specs provided by the doctors using only the other eye to takeup the job. Normally it is a matter of surfing around half a dozen web sites at a time while completing a post obviously confronting the eyes with flash and glare causing sharp radiation but I chose to remain unmindful of it directing my undivided attention to the task only. It took a few minutes. The task was finished and submitted. No sooner it was submitted, it forthwith elicited an OK in the shape of 'approved' and the very brief word gave me a satisfaction of a degree as if I had won a marathon race. Feeling handicapped still, I keep a posture as if I am quite in form and can do many a things despite problems particularly that of vision. I could even make it to write this very small experience of mine although

finding it somewhat difficult. I am reminded of what Milton wrote 'on his blindness' saying '...they also serve who stand and wait.' Incapacitation does cause problems in physical activities but it has a deep potential of inspiring the person concerned to get boosted up for a performance.

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