Sunday, 15 June 2008

Is it that the Ganges will go dry

The most pious a river Ganges, Ganga as it is called in India since ages, has been facing several onslughts of different kinds for quite a long time and a look to its stream shows that the earlier ferouciously aggressive current is now much lagging behind in force and strength as against what it was say some years back. Ganga water in the past was pure, pious and fully free of pollution and now the position is just reverse. Several dranages full of filth and night soil, several channels of wastes from slaughter houses are diverted to it and all cries to save the Ganga from them are only the ones in wilderness. But for river Jamuna joining it at Sangam in Allahabad its flow might have been reduced to that of a nallah. Position is much worse in Kanpur where there are many who claim that they can just cross the river on certain points on foot without even knowing any swimming art. Good sign is that eminent reformist and yoga guru Swami Ramdeo has taken cudgels to fight against the elements who are instrumental in exploiting it and he is making all out efforts to rejuvenitate it to its earlier glory. Hopefully he succeeds.If not, a doom is in the offing for the holy river worshipped by millions of people as mother goddess for thousands of centuries.

When train service was introduced in India

It was some thing uniquely novel for people in India to see an iron wheeled vehicle moving on steel tracks with its engine blowing up a thick cloud of smoke. Their initial reaction was that it was a bad omen for the country and  it will sure bring disaster. They ofcourse did not gherao the administration nor they lay infront of the railway engine on the tracks to express their protest as nothing sort of such practice was then obtaining. Slowly they started reconciling and finally they started worshipping the move by garlanding the railway engine with customery rituals acknowledging that it was something so useful for the people. The train then used to be a small cluster of a limited number of bogies. As history has it there used to be some resistance in those days against any thing that was new to customs and practices of whatever kind prevalent in the society at the outset but it hardly took much time for them to reconcile to the novelties. The very nature of dogmatism and traditionalism is to resist any modification to it initially but soon the novelties are adopted.

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Saturday, 14 June 2008

Struggling to attend a task

We are proud Indians, proud of our country, our culture, our history. We are infact selflessly proud of our nation as if we try to put material reasoning behind it it just fails. No safe drinking water, no roads, no sanitation, no electricity but it is our commitment and the very bond of attachment we have with our country that making us proud citizens. Committed patriots as we are we are not to hear any thing that undermines the prestige and image of our Bharat Mata and there is no dearth of professional politicians who are available in an abundant number to take advantage of this weakness of ours. We can't afford putting our bond of love for the country to test knowing as we do that there it is a flop for us. We believe in work as we have been hearing since our childhood that 'work is worship' but factually speaking such a worship is hardly practiceable. Only the other day I made a note of preparing certain writeups  for my blogs going through different references which I had to peruse in several breaks as the electricity supply was there as a matter of only glimpses never lasting for more than a few minutes. My inverter already failed because there was no charging in the absence of electricity supply. Kept waiting for the light sitting in the dark in my office. Half an hour, an hour, 2 hours and then it appeared after 4 hours. Felt happy that I could now finish my work taking my laptop into confidence. No it was not to happen as immediately after a few minutes work my laptop stopped again for the reason that no supply of power was there. And like this it is now a matter of 4 days plus that I am struggling to complete my writeups dutifully as my hosts expect me to do but every time I try I miserably fail realising that we are living in a world where we can have any amount of talks on progress and development but are not situationally placed to make any contribution to it work wise, job wise.

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Ranbaxy in new hands

Now that India's largest pharmaceutical company is sold to Japan's Daiichi Sankyo for $4.6 billion it is head for much bigger dimensions in pharmaceuticals business. Daiichi Sankyo is already third biggest drug maker and acquiring Ranbaxy to its fold is sure to develop much more a commanding position in the market of pharmaceuticals. There are already positive fluctuations in share market for Ranbaxy and after the deal gets fully settled there are quite chances that it will stablise to the advantage of the community.  More importantly significant move on their part is that they are taking it as a mission to produce cheaper and moderately priced drugs for those who can't afford costly medicines. Hopefully they succeed in their mission.

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Monday, 9 June 2008

How many demarcations ?

As it stands today society is already divided into lot many segments, males and females, old and young, this caste and that case, this religion and that religion with no end to several barriers and demarcations. Suit as it does to the managers of politics, every now and then they come out with new theory of divisions or some old one is given a heightened intensity. Watching TV the other day I came a cross some dialogue going on between the interviewer and an invited guest being a political heavy weight who was suggesting his own theory of improving different alarming situations obtaining in our country telling that if some one from younger generation is there as Prime Minister of the country every problem can be solved. Funny. It is understandable that one who occupies as august an office as that of Prime Minister of India must be physically fit to discharge his/her duties but that such a person should be young or old doesn't sound reasonable nor logical. Is it that all the younger people are physically fit or are all the older persons physically incapable of doing their work. Such propositions are there to highlight some particular prejudice to suit the proposers hidden agenda to accommodate a specified person to meet their interest. Basically in our country it is not the question of young or old that determines the social order, it is infact dishonestly practiced prejudices on the part of vested interests that spoil the total scenario.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

A tip on using car AC

Car without AC ? No pleasure. A car with AC without using it all the time is considered irrelevant. OK, it is better, if one can afford it, to go for a car with AC but what is needfully warranted is that it should be used in a reasoned manner. Erratic use of it without caring for as to when should it be used and when it should not only results into wastage of fuel and also causes hazards to health like there are people who travel in extremely hot weather with air condition of the car on and they will only stop it when the car reaches the destination with passengers coming out of it in the scorching sun. The clash between the two extremes of climate, inside the car and outside, instantly disturbs the body system and the travellers may fall sick, at times critically. The proper way is to stop the AC a few minutes before the destination is reached which moderates the intensity of the situation taking care that there is nothing untoward.

Money goes to money

Money goes to money is the saying, a saying that virtually holds good in all instances. Monied people invest more and the results it yields are enormous. Poor people have nothing to invest and the results in their case are zero only. Some poor person took the saying innocently and somehow managed a one rupee coin. He went to a local branch of some bank showing that one rupee coin on the counter with the temptation that this action on his part was sure to elicit more money in return as per saying. The coin slipped from his hand and was lost obviously to be traced later by the staff crediting the same to cash in bank's strong room. The guy trying to fetch more money started crying on the loss telling how come his coin didn't attract cash in terms of the saying. Reply was given to him that the saying was quite true as his money was attracted by money only, the money in the bank. It is actually as per universal norms where more amount of money grabs smaller amounts of it.

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In plain sight

Indicative of normal plain views as the Inplainsight looks to be it is infact full of meaningful messages on life and varying patterns of it. One may find it so interesting to find out semblances of near and dear equally friends. As I could lay my vision to one of them I found it somewhat resembling to a friend of mine but then while measuring it more thoroughly I felt like finding some fault or the other here and there like her nose might have been more moderately tiny or her looks more romantically aggressive to match my friend's to whom I have sent the relative video and email message inviting her reactions on the topic. Tracing some peculiar personna angle in vedeo pictures is an interesting feature and I do feel anxious to see more of such quiz oriented items.USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight
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Saturday, 7 June 2008

Playing with the life of the passengers

Train or Plane, bullock cart or a bicycle, tractor or a crane, horse or a donkey, an elephant or cattles, the riders are, and they have to be, conscious of their security to lead them to safe landing. Who is supposed to take more care, riders themselves or the channels providing the souce ? Factually it is both but there are carriers where passengers have no role like while travelling by air. What precautions a passenger by air has to apply when the concerned pilot(s) go drowsy in the cockpit. Infact there are no effective rules for the purpose nor there is any adherence to the point that flying hours for the pilots must be restricted to a number where they don't get tired and that there should be a provision that rules for necessary rest and relaxation must compulsorily be there. Directorate General of Civil Aviation introduced necessary rules for the purpose but no sooner they were ready they were postponed for the reasons best known to them only. Think of a situation when there are large number of passengers travelling in a plane and the concerned pilot goes sleepy rubbing his eyes to overcome it but fails, what a disaster it may bring, what a tragic mishap it may cause. Those managing airlines matters in India are giving the problem only a secondary rate importance and not the real seriousness it warrants. It amounts to callousness only.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

They are much more than entertainers

Small stage shows, road site performance and also Nautanki were the routine source of entertainment in olden days and the performers were not the star status people. They were taken so lightly and the society denied them any status worth any recognition. It improved. Silent cinema followed. And then there was voice too. Persons from status families started joining films. The primary requirement for the actors and the actresses was that besides playing their role they should also be singers themselves. This again was followed by play back singing. Now that the total scenario as undergone a sea change. The element of an inbuilt disdain obtaining earlier against the entertainers is left far away behind and they are now respected people, they are the great personalities and many of them the renowned celebrities. Number of them are highly qualified academically as against earlier days when such a feature was something so rare. Dilip Kumar as a graduate and Kamini Kaushal as B.A. (Hons) were considered as a phenomenon of exception. As a group or say as a class they are practically the ones who are acting as friends, philosophers and guides for the society as a whole through their most skilled and powerfull roles covering the multifarious interests of the people. They are a respected lot now deserving all possible recognition.

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

A peep into past and it opens up a treasure of worthwhile melodies

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Yoga sans practice on art of living ?

Yoga's popularity growing by leaps and bounds is a clear message that this vedic science is recognized by all and sundry as an effective measure to moniter one's health with a well difined system for the purpose. Like it happens with any thing getting popular that when its growth starts its misuse too comes into picture. People use it and also misuse it. You go to any yoga session, the very common scene is that of rich people with bulky bodies and body level bulging out disproportionately. Rich as they are they can well afford any mode of treatment irrespective of the cost involved and they feel that can purchase any thing they want from the market including health. It is not a desirable way of approach as yoga fails to give the required impact if necessary required discipline in living pattern is not strictly adhered to. Austerity measures on food intake time, physical movements and balanced diet are the essential ingrediants in yoga which, if followed strictly, prove capable of giving wonderful results.

Over radiation is hazarduous

Patients are not doctors and they faithfully go by whatever medical advice they receieve from. Doctors hardly bother to advise their patients that over radiation is a great hazard and its repetition may lead to even cancer. Physicians are competent persons or say they are supposed to behave as such but they don't, they rather are the ones contributing to number of xrays being increased which they do under the garb of going by a trustworthy one which statement is not correct as this they do for their commercial reasons by doing it themselves. As per survey made by International Atomic Energy Agency, more the number of x-rays, more the chances of the patients developing cancer. This can better be remedied when patients themselves are cautious enough to see that x-rays are there only need based and not as a matter of spree with repetitions.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Picasa Web Albums - neelkanth

Picasa Web Albums - neelkanth
Ajanta, Elora or even Elephanta or various other caves in the country are not mere the work of sculpture, they carry a tremendous amount of messege on society and culture might have been obtaining those days thousands of years backs. These sculptures covering Lord Budha in different parts of the world or opposite to that the other ones like Khajuraho temples or Sun temple directed to sex postures have their own significance. The only requirement is that the viewers have tobe positive in their outlook without any prejudice for a particular cult or sex.c
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Picasa Web Albums - neelkanth

Picasa Web Albums - neelkanth
Cheer girls in plenty? Yeh, they are there for entertainment for cricketers as well as viewers whose number has grown in large proportions as bigger portion of theirs is there not so much for the crickerts playing on the ground but for the cheer girls. Their indescent postures many a times during their performance are not to be taken as such as public vote is in their favour. I was searching Picasa for some photograph of Nelson Mandela for my writeup, I failed to trace any out of a total of 3 pictures. In the same sequence I glanced over the most exciting photograph of cheer girls whose photographs exceeded around 900 in number. What did this difference mean ? Obviously it is not some Nelson Mandela or the other who is that much in demand, it is the cheer girls with baring gestures who are so much wanted and accordingly their photographs are there in supply to meet the demand.
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Question mark on integrity

Integrity may not be a feature available inbuilt, one has to try and see that it is acquired through necessary behavioural pattern. Organisations or individuals all have to work in that direction. Collective will on the part of individuals belonging to an organisation brings and keeps it above board. The latest news on date(3/6/08) of a CBI raid on the office and residence of a senior level office bearer belonging to State Bank of India Staff Association at Patna raises several questions -whether there could be any truth in the allegations that he acquired wealth including property much disproportionate to his normal income or it is just a witch hunting at the instance of interested quarters or some other game plan shot up by his rivals with concocted stories. Whatever it is, the damage to the image of State Bank of India Staff Association is already caused image wise and also to the All India State Bank of India Staff Federation to which it is affiliated at the apex level. It equally sounds as a slur on the image and integrity of State Bank of India itself as the concerned unions belong to it with their representatives serving as its employees. Hopefully the representative concerned comes out clean with his acceptable explanations in the matter saving prestige and status of both the union and the bank but there is no reason for them to ignore it just as a triviality as it is nothing short of an alarm signal for many.

Monday, 2 June 2008

Innocently fearless

Hunters visiting forest with full paraphernelia boasting of their shooting capabilities is a common scene, most of them being poachers. They are abundantly equipped with arms and other accessories for the purpose. This exercise is normally for commercial purpose but there are people resorting to hunting as a move of chivalary on their part. In earlier days there was nothing like poaching and hunting took place normally to do away with a menace on account of wild animals including tigers or even wild dogs making intrusions in the nearby villages killing goats and other cattle and also injuring and killing humans mainly children. My father being on a personal visit to Nishangara range of forest on Nepal border, he was approached by the locals there complaining against such untoward incidents occurring very often with mention of one particular tiger requesting him to remedy the menace by killing it. My father was a sharp shooter and he took the job to himself. Accompanied by a few others he entered the forest in a bullock cart. The villagers had already given him necessary clues as to where the tiger could be hiding himself. Near the spot he targetted the tiger and fired from his rifle. It missed as the tiger was hiding himself deep in the den behind thickly bushes and trees. There was a big roar cleaving the atmosphere making every body terror stricken. A local shepherd who accompanied my father asked for a permission to enter deep inside the bushes and recover the bullet that was fired ingnorant as he was that once bullet goes out of the barrel it was a consumed item no more of any worth. My father lambasted him telling that the tiger is just a few yards away and how come he was throwing himself into the jaws of death. His reply was '..don't worry sir, I have this axe with me' to face the beast. My father was amazed but admired so brave and courageous a gesture on the part of the shepherd. This was by all means an innocent act of a great bravery which feature is not uncommon for the villagers residing close to a forest.

Sunday, 1 June 2008

aaj phir jeene ki tamanna hai -Waheeda Rahman/Devanand

Not just a song, it gives lot of a message on life. Live life, live it with a conviction and courage is the message to inspire those who for some reason or the other suffer from despondency.

MOHD RAFI - LIVE - Suhani raat (twice)

Mohd Rafi's was an era in itself. His was an unforgettable performance still ringing in the minds of the people of not only this country but all over the world.