Saturday, 7 June 2008

Playing with the life of the passengers

Train or Plane, bullock cart or a bicycle, tractor or a crane, horse or a donkey, an elephant or cattles, the riders are, and they have to be, conscious of their security to lead them to safe landing. Who is supposed to take more care, riders themselves or the channels providing the souce ? Factually it is both but there are carriers where passengers have no role like while travelling by air. What precautions a passenger by air has to apply when the concerned pilot(s) go drowsy in the cockpit. Infact there are no effective rules for the purpose nor there is any adherence to the point that flying hours for the pilots must be restricted to a number where they don't get tired and that there should be a provision that rules for necessary rest and relaxation must compulsorily be there. Directorate General of Civil Aviation introduced necessary rules for the purpose but no sooner they were ready they were postponed for the reasons best known to them only. Think of a situation when there are large number of passengers travelling in a plane and the concerned pilot goes sleepy rubbing his eyes to overcome it but fails, what a disaster it may bring, what a tragic mishap it may cause. Those managing airlines matters in India are giving the problem only a secondary rate importance and not the real seriousness it warrants. It amounts to callousness only.

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