Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Question mark on integrity

Integrity may not be a feature available inbuilt, one has to try and see that it is acquired through necessary behavioural pattern. Organisations or individuals all have to work in that direction. Collective will on the part of individuals belonging to an organisation brings and keeps it above board. The latest news on date(3/6/08) of a CBI raid on the office and residence of a senior level office bearer belonging to State Bank of India Staff Association at Patna raises several questions -whether there could be any truth in the allegations that he acquired wealth including property much disproportionate to his normal income or it is just a witch hunting at the instance of interested quarters or some other game plan shot up by his rivals with concocted stories. Whatever it is, the damage to the image of State Bank of India Staff Association is already caused image wise and also to the All India State Bank of India Staff Federation to which it is affiliated at the apex level. It equally sounds as a slur on the image and integrity of State Bank of India itself as the concerned unions belong to it with their representatives serving as its employees. Hopefully the representative concerned comes out clean with his acceptable explanations in the matter saving prestige and status of both the union and the bank but there is no reason for them to ignore it just as a triviality as it is nothing short of an alarm signal for many.
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