Friday, 29 November 2013

Alluring the electorate:

It is an offence, as the Election Commission puts it, to secure votes against money. No problem, all the political parties have their own tools to override the law based provisions. Those of them who are in power in  some state or the other in India can very well buy the votes by paying the electorate as a well formulated scheme. Samajwadi Party led government in Uttar Pradesh has announced recruitment of 40,000 cleaners and also a compensation of Rs.5,00,000 to the family of those cleaners who die in course of working in some sewer line. They have also announced a payment of Rs.250 instead of  Rs.120 currently to the labour involved. The problem in question has all along been there for several years but increase in number of the cleaners, avenues for employment and amount of compensation look only new ones –thanks to the general elections due the next year that is 2014 which is working as a source of motivation for the politicians to appease a particular class of the community. The scope of employment, increase in the amount of compensation, and payment to daily wagers are a dire need felt always but being generous enough in the context of the elections on the part of the political party concerned give the gestures the shape of a bribe only, it is rather a broad day robbery of public resources.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Tarun Tejpal of Tahelka–why in reverse gear?

It was only the other day that Tarun Tejpal, the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Tahelka, once considered a bomb blast on exposure of several scandals with himself in a lead role, admitted having committed a sexual assault on a junior journalist girl at Goa and expressed his regrets for incident in several words. As a matter of self confession, he also withdrew himself from the job of Editor-in-Chief for three months, a punishment he prescribed for himself based on his self realisation. Now that necessary criminal proceedings have already been initiated against him in the matter by the police with hectic interrogations, surprisingly he has gone back on his earlier version of statement  with the assertion that he is not guilty and whatever happened was fully with the consent of the woman concerned. After this type of U turn what he meant to say was that the act in question was that of a consensual sex  and there was nothing like any rape. When Tejpal had earlier confessed and had expressed regrets he was quite able to gain sympathy of the people but after a quick reversal in his stand now he is being much more condemned as from all quarters in the society. Such a turn in reverse gear on the part of Tejpal only deprives him of any sympathy from any body and the law has to take its own course unhindered.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Another feather in the cap of women careerists:

usha ananthasubramanian

It’s a happy sign that there are many a women executives who are joining as the Head of different organisations in the country, the latest being Usha Anantha Subramanian who has since been appointed as the first woman Chairman of the newly started Womens’ Bank in India. The Board which is being setup for this new type of Bank is to consist of the women only as Directors in it. The Bank is to be managed all by women themselves exclusively. The banking operations, however, may have to involve also customers other than the women. First of its kind in India, the Bank is supposed to promote a banking that is women friendly. This is a new venture and hopefully this meets the demand for exclusively a women’s Bank pending for a long time with result orientation in a healthy way. Please read this in conjunction with the link given below:


Sunday, 17 November 2013

Walking as a better mode of exercise:

There are many who brand walking as an exercise meant for old persons but the very fact not to be ignored or taken lightly is that it is compatibly applicable to the people in general in any walk of life irrespective of some age barrier or the other. It’s a different matter that the people in the advancing group of age are supposed to apply certain precautions compared to those in a lower range of age group. There is another fallacy that walking is a mode of exercise to be practiced only in the morning hours and that it is not advisable to go for it in the evening. In fact walking in the evening is much better a mode of exercise during winter to keep necessary safeguard against chilly cold weather in the early morning hours. Those who prefer morning walks only, they should do it after the Sun rises to a moderate level of severity of cold and this should be done, as prescribed in Yoga themes of exercises, with a view for the purposes of the basking in the open which is much beneficial. Walking in any case is much better an exercise to secure the needed results practicing it in whatever hours of the day that suit the individual practitioner from his/her physical status point of view.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Are consumers really a rich lot?

Development or no development but it looks really so anomalous that consumers are now no more the people who once hankered all the time for some financial relief or the other. This phenomenon is quite manifest when you cast a look on the crowds of the shoppers thronging in malls and the other sundry shops in the market. If there is paucity of the resources, how come they are capable of affording a sumptuous shopping spree. There are mainly two reasons for such an anomalous position –one that standard of living on the part of the people in general has gone too high and –two that there is no dearth of black money in the country facilitating uncalled for deals and transactions. The best option for using black money lie with the hotels, restaurants and sundry shopping markets where one can spend as lavishly as he wants remaining fully unnoticed identity wise. Culture of the type like this could have been better recognized if there was a compatible developmental growth enabling the people to consume a sort of well accounted for amount of money.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Maya’s maya–her brother’s seized wealth is returned:

Not long ago the much talked about case of disproportionate assets against BSP Supremo MayawatiMayawati[1] was dropped and as the talk goes it was a reward awarded to her for her rescue measures extended to UPA. Whatever it was it was certainly a big relief to her. It didn’t stop there alone, she  has now been given another big relief by way of releasing money to the tune of 400 crores of rupees which amount was earlier seized by the Income Tax authorities who traced this much of wealth on a raid conducted by them against him. The ground now taken is that since Anand Kumar, her brother, paid the required income tax for the money so traced that is good enough a proof to show that it was well earned without using any illegitimate means. Those who say that the laws and rules go limping when there is the politics involved are correct in their perception.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Dogs’ tail is partly their mind too:

Sounds peculiar but it’s true, if the latest research on the topic is relied upon, that part of their mind is directly connected to their tail and this is the factor that enables the dogs to get a sense of different happenings in a better way than humans can. Almost all the time a dog keeps waving its tail right and left coupled with upward and downward. Such directions are denotative of their mood and temper. While sniffing some object their tail goes more active with sideways movement which is an indication that their brain is actively working on some particular task. Sniffer dogs are well known for this. The tail moving more in the right direction compared to the left or in the left direction more than the right one indicates as to what is the status of the dog’s brain and that what is its mood. Happy moments or the moments otherwise both can be determined through the manners in which a particular dog does it. Peculiar it is that during mating their tail stops moving side ways. These characteristics of  the dogs are inherent in the very specie of theirs and it just can’t be copied or borrowed by the humans howsoever best they have a craving for this.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Story of a computer maniac:

There are many who take use of some computer or the other as a severe addiction for themselves and they are the ones who  can’t afford remaining away from it for longer durations and yet there are several others who start feeling uneasy if they are not on their laptops with a gap of more than a few hours. This is not the end of the anxiety on the part of the computer users as there are exceptional cases like the one, as reported by the media, in some country who sticks to the company of his computer for 24 hours a day. And to pursue his addiction he opted to stay in a computer cafe itself day  and night. Even when relaxing for a few moments he reclines clasping his laptop by his chest. Such a practice is in fact a great health hazard and how he is able to keep himself free of different ailments is a matter of sheer amazement. Addiction of a type like this looks like some sort of a lust but in any case the man concerned deserves all praise for his stamina to match a commitment like this.