Friday, 1 November 2013

Story of a computer maniac:

There are many who take use of some computer or the other as a severe addiction for themselves and they are the ones who  can’t afford remaining away from it for longer durations and yet there are several others who start feeling uneasy if they are not on their laptops with a gap of more than a few hours. This is not the end of the anxiety on the part of the computer users as there are exceptional cases like the one, as reported by the media, in some country who sticks to the company of his computer for 24 hours a day. And to pursue his addiction he opted to stay in a computer cafe itself day  and night. Even when relaxing for a few moments he reclines clasping his laptop by his chest. Such a practice is in fact a great health hazard and how he is able to keep himself free of different ailments is a matter of sheer amazement. Addiction of a type like this looks like some sort of a lust but in any case the man concerned deserves all praise for his stamina to match a commitment like this.

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