Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Dogs’ tail is partly their mind too:

Sounds peculiar but it’s true, if the latest research on the topic is relied upon, that part of their mind is directly connected to their tail and this is the factor that enables the dogs to get a sense of different happenings in a better way than humans can. Almost all the time a dog keeps waving its tail right and left coupled with upward and downward. Such directions are denotative of their mood and temper. While sniffing some object their tail goes more active with sideways movement which is an indication that their brain is actively working on some particular task. Sniffer dogs are well known for this. The tail moving more in the right direction compared to the left or in the left direction more than the right one indicates as to what is the status of the dog’s brain and that what is its mood. Happy moments or the moments otherwise both can be determined through the manners in which a particular dog does it. Peculiar it is that during mating their tail stops moving side ways. These characteristics of  the dogs are inherent in the very specie of theirs and it just can’t be copied or borrowed by the humans howsoever best they have a craving for this.

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