Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Are consumers really a rich lot?

Development or no development but it looks really so anomalous that consumers are now no more the people who once hankered all the time for some financial relief or the other. This phenomenon is quite manifest when you cast a look on the crowds of the shoppers thronging in malls and the other sundry shops in the market. If there is paucity of the resources, how come they are capable of affording a sumptuous shopping spree. There are mainly two reasons for such an anomalous position –one that standard of living on the part of the people in general has gone too high and –two that there is no dearth of black money in the country facilitating uncalled for deals and transactions. The best option for using black money lie with the hotels, restaurants and sundry shopping markets where one can spend as lavishly as he wants remaining fully unnoticed identity wise. Culture of the type like this could have been better recognized if there was a compatible developmental growth enabling the people to consume a sort of well accounted for amount of money.

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