Sunday, 17 November 2013

Walking as a better mode of exercise:

There are many who brand walking as an exercise meant for old persons but the very fact not to be ignored or taken lightly is that it is compatibly applicable to the people in general in any walk of life irrespective of some age barrier or the other. It’s a different matter that the people in the advancing group of age are supposed to apply certain precautions compared to those in a lower range of age group. There is another fallacy that walking is a mode of exercise to be practiced only in the morning hours and that it is not advisable to go for it in the evening. In fact walking in the evening is much better a mode of exercise during winter to keep necessary safeguard against chilly cold weather in the early morning hours. Those who prefer morning walks only, they should do it after the Sun rises to a moderate level of severity of cold and this should be done, as prescribed in Yoga themes of exercises, with a view for the purposes of the basking in the open which is much beneficial. Walking in any case is much better an exercise to secure the needed results practicing it in whatever hours of the day that suit the individual practitioner from his/her physical status point of view.

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