Saturday, 9 November 2013

Maya’s maya–her brother’s seized wealth is returned:

Not long ago the much talked about case of disproportionate assets against BSP Supremo MayawatiMayawati[1] was dropped and as the talk goes it was a reward awarded to her for her rescue measures extended to UPA. Whatever it was it was certainly a big relief to her. It didn’t stop there alone, she  has now been given another big relief by way of releasing money to the tune of 400 crores of rupees which amount was earlier seized by the Income Tax authorities who traced this much of wealth on a raid conducted by them against him. The ground now taken is that since Anand Kumar, her brother, paid the required income tax for the money so traced that is good enough a proof to show that it was well earned without using any illegitimate means. Those who say that the laws and rules go limping when there is the politics involved are correct in their perception.

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