Friday, 29 November 2013

Alluring the electorate:

It is an offence, as the Election Commission puts it, to secure votes against money. No problem, all the political parties have their own tools to override the law based provisions. Those of them who are in power in  some state or the other in India can very well buy the votes by paying the electorate as a well formulated scheme. Samajwadi Party led government in Uttar Pradesh has announced recruitment of 40,000 cleaners and also a compensation of Rs.5,00,000 to the family of those cleaners who die in course of working in some sewer line. They have also announced a payment of Rs.250 instead of  Rs.120 currently to the labour involved. The problem in question has all along been there for several years but increase in number of the cleaners, avenues for employment and amount of compensation look only new ones –thanks to the general elections due the next year that is 2014 which is working as a source of motivation for the politicians to appease a particular class of the community. The scope of employment, increase in the amount of compensation, and payment to daily wagers are a dire need felt always but being generous enough in the context of the elections on the part of the political party concerned give the gestures the shape of a bribe only, it is rather a broad day robbery of public resources.

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