Monday, 25 November 2013

Tarun Tejpal of Tahelka–why in reverse gear?

It was only the other day that Tarun Tejpal, the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Tahelka, once considered a bomb blast on exposure of several scandals with himself in a lead role, admitted having committed a sexual assault on a junior journalist girl at Goa and expressed his regrets for incident in several words. As a matter of self confession, he also withdrew himself from the job of Editor-in-Chief for three months, a punishment he prescribed for himself based on his self realisation. Now that necessary criminal proceedings have already been initiated against him in the matter by the police with hectic interrogations, surprisingly he has gone back on his earlier version of statement  with the assertion that he is not guilty and whatever happened was fully with the consent of the woman concerned. After this type of U turn what he meant to say was that the act in question was that of a consensual sex  and there was nothing like any rape. When Tejpal had earlier confessed and had expressed regrets he was quite able to gain sympathy of the people but after a quick reversal in his stand now he is being much more condemned as from all quarters in the society. Such a turn in reverse gear on the part of Tejpal only deprives him of any sympathy from any body and the law has to take its own course unhindered.

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