Monday, 28 October 2013

Uniquely novel an agitation–Sex strike:

There are new inventions, new discoveries and yet there are new ideas on laying stress on certain demands, the latest one being sex strike to secure necessary attention of the concerned channels in Colombia (South America). The issue related to construction and maintenance of the roads in the city which are in a very dilapidated conditions and it is every now and then that some one or the other gets injured, in some cases seriously. Several women in the city staged a march in a large group carrying banners of ‘no sex’ till their demands are duly met restoring the roads to a normal order. What impact it brought is not known but certainly the protesters might have been well satisfied that the mode of agitation they adopted for the purpose must have caused sleepless nights to those who were supposedly concerned with the task of repairs and maintenance of the local roads. Sigh of relief is that fortunately the newly adopted mode of agitation by the Columbia women has not yet reached India.
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