Thursday, 3 April 2008

Efficiency orientation in offices

Running an office in a neatly furnished office with office equipments placed orderly is a matter much different to running it in a casual style. If efficiency counts, and it does count I believe, a good office is the basic need for it as important things just can't be attended to in a loosely shabby atmosphere. Placed in a healthy work atmosphere with a live environment of ease and facilitation, one undoubtedly feels like working with more centralised an attention apply the required focus to the job he does. In one of my newly started offices, I had ordered a neat furnishing of it with an elegant furniture to suit both the staff and the visitors. A complaint was lodged with the administration who were prompt enough to institute an enquiry, an act they are quick to resort to to trace the avenues for money by way of illegal gratifications, which was conducted with a speed. Investigators team arrived, interrogated office functionaries and they had an appointment with me too. I affirmatively confessed the irregularities pointing them out that all is done at my instance. They looked apologetic but maintained their posture of negation on the point that it was too much of money wasted on office maintenance. Look, I am not running an aashram or a dharmshalla, I am running an office which has to be business friendly, was  my reaction to them adding that I was not for making any amends to what was done. Dismayed, they went back murmuring that better it was if there was some economy applied on furnishings. The complaint ofcourse was later closed for want of any substantial proof of any misuse.

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