Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Hearsays too count as relevant

Normally hearsays are considered as something irrelevant when measured in terms of substance branding them unworthy of taking any notice. Take the case of rustics pen picturised by Thomas Hardy in his novels. They are taken as always talking loose of something or the other but whatever the utterances they make become the talk of the town as a big news. They talk of the downfall of the Mayor of Casterbridge and he is on his way out of his post. On other topics concerning the town they talk and people realise soon that there was much of substance in what they said. Ritually the notice is taken of what emerges at the level of important people as they are after all the people who count in many respects. Not necessary always that what emerges in important quarters is significant, may be what common people talk is equally important. Juleus Caezer's astrologer made a forecast of his murder which he ruled out even after he was reminded on the fateful day. What actually happened is history. Had Juleus Caezer taken the due notice of his well wisher astrologer, possibly his murder by his own men could have been avoided. Words are words and simply because they come from the common people they are not to be taken neglibly.
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