Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Yoga and other modes of exercise

Very often I am confronted with questions on whether Yoga is better or the various other modes of physical exercise. It is no matter of comparison as both are just different to each other with the basic purpose being the same. First thing is as to which mode suits a particular person as it may not always be necessary for all types of exercises to suit all. What Yoga stalwarts normally don't tell the people is that one must have some basic requisite strength and body system to undertake an exercise. For example if some one runs long distances with speed with some heart ailment or blood pressure problem, this exercise is much more harmful to him than beneficial. Even in Yoga if someone opts for certain modes of breathing exercises without properly checking his blood pressure, he invites more of troubles than positive gains on health. Exercise is a key factor for restoring and improving vitality factor in the bodybut one has not to go an inch beyond what his body system permits. Body tested, one is fully ready for exercise. Difference between Yoga and other exercises is there very much. Yoga doesn't involve any sort of hectic acrobatics, it is smooth, steady and soothingly acceptable to the body giving much better results in the long run. Casual Yoga may not be that helpful. It is quite helpful and result oriented if persued on a regular footing. Other exercises do give results but rigourous measures may not do. Rustam-e-Jahan Gama was a top rank athelete known the world over and his practice session was for more than 15 hours a day and that too in a very rigourous order. During the last days of his life he became a chronic patient of blood pressure with complications of a severe nature for the reason that it was not possible for him to continue his extraordinarily tough exercise schedule in his advancing age. Yoga is best with mild, moderate and steady regimen of practice and other modes of exercise too are capable if giving better health results but there again the perseverance has to be of a regular order.

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