Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Doctors advice not to be taken on its face value

It's like no go but to rush to a doctor in emergent situations. Ailment is of a severe nature or just a simple health problem, doctors are there to prescribe a big list of medicines without elaborately asking for the health background of the patient. The patients too are generous enough, or they so feel compelled, to go for a whole hog purchase of the drugs so prescribed. Many a times the medicines so prescribed by them cause more of complications than giving the desired relief. It is infact never worth to take their advice just in the form and shape they do as they do so for their commercial reasons. Taking fee from the patient, getting commission from medical representatives and medical stores and selling the free medicines they get from different companies is their system of earning money. Consideration for patient is hardly their concern as it is no more a mission of service for them but just a drastic source of income. This should actually be necessary for the patient himself/ herself to ascertain necessary desirability of the drugs for which they are not supposed to be a medico. Normal precautions do. Take for instance the case of a diabetic patient who goes to his physician for checking his blood sugar level and obviously he charges a big amount of fee. Why should the patient go to him wasting money when there are several devices available in the market to check blood sugar besides blood pressure. Investing one time amount for the device which is much more easy and conveniently operable saves unnecessary expenditure tobe incurred by the patient. Similarly there are several other tools, thanks to modern technological developments, to monitor one's own health facilitating a regular monitoring.

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