Saturday, 5 April 2008

If Aishwarya Rai was an ordinary woman ?

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She has been Miss Universe, she is a beauty and a heart throb of  millions of people the world over, she is the leading lady occupying the top rung of the film industry and what not could it be that she has not been able to enjoy in life. She virtuallly reigns with her looks that cause the waves whichever side she directs her gaze. Her love biggies being a large number acting as rivals with one another in several instances are a story in themselves. Suppose for a moment that she was not what she is and was just an ordinary woman in some locality in which case the assessment on many counts could have been just different. The laws of the society could have prevailed to cast disdainful looks on her for having free styled love affairs and may be she was discarded by the puritans dictating terms in the social arena of things. Religious mythologies are full of such stories where women used to have physical relations with several males at a time like Kunti in Mahabharat or Draupadi of Pandawas. There are stories where women with one husband for life were adored and worshipped. There are yet stories where women didn't go for the ritual of marriage but had a full fledged physical alliance with men switching over to one after the other. Applying an analytical appraisal of the total scenario, what is evident on the surface is the phenomenon that the social rules were drastically applied on the females who otherwise were not strong enough to take cudgels against the rule makers in the society but those who had a capacity and status to assert were not touched. Amrapalli in Budha era was bold enough to declare, ofcourse presse by circumstances, that she was for opting prostitution as her career which announcement was sumptuously hailed by those very men who were known for making laws against free love. Ours is a society where strength counts as against role of a simpleton meekly succumbing to irrelevant social rules.

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