Tuesday, 15 April 2008

She rose from rags to riches and what not

Originally Lindsay Lohan followed by certain other names and finally Marilyn Monroe, she was the one who had a most difficult phase of her life to the extent that she had to be left by her parents to be taken care of by some relative of theirs. There were occasions when she had to compromise her modesty for small favours in her routine life. An astounding beauty as she was, she made the waves whichever way she went. Her glamour was noticed and it hardly took much time for her to become a heartthrob of many. She was now Marilyn Monroe leaving her other names far behind. A model, an antress and then a celebrity in film industry, she was a hot topic of reference everywhere in her country. The media recently reporting the sale of one of her sex tapes at $1.5 million created a sensation. This tape shows her performing oral sex with a male figure standing in her front and she herself doing the act with herself on her knees. What is indicated in the news is that the male figure appearing in the picture could be that of John F. Kennedy. Her romance stories are a big series. Her suicide story still remaining a mystery, there are many who claim that it was no suicide but a murder. Every time you read about her, there is a new story always on various counts. Starting her life on a note of misery, entering the world of glamour and then reaching the pinnacle with bounties, she was a source of charm and attraction for millions of people and now it is only a great mystery that surrounds her.
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