Saturday, 3 May 2008

A tip on using credit card

Credit cards are routinely used a tool for making payments and they are more in vogue for online shopping. Suffer as they do from the drawback of getting misutilised by the dealers, they are not to be taken as a safe device feasibly convenient to the buyers. There are most reliable channels like Paypal and certain others who conduct their dealings in a highly fair order and there it is not like blindly giving a blanket authority to dealer to debit the account. With them it is feasibly possible to authorise a debit to buyers bank account which is cent per cent with the consent of the person who makes an indent for some commodity or the other and if the circumstances warrant an alteration to the arrangement, one can just remedy it by contacting the respective bank. It is never advisable to leave it loose in the hands of the dealers howsoever big a business organisation they be.

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