Thursday, 29 May 2008

Social living

Man is a social animal, it is said. Why man alone, social living is equally the order in the case of animals or say all other beings on earth. Man is not an isolated case. Difference lies in what we can see and notice and what we see equally but don't take a notice. Elephants are the kind of animals who when separated from their family stop any intake of their food and even starve to death. There are the kinds of birds who do the same thing. The major difference between man and animal on this count is however that of degree. In the case of animals it is a most heartfelt need and urge of living together whereas in the case of men it diverts from natural love for each other to getting recognition from others. I remember having seen a drama in my childhood where a man goes to his king with the grievance that he, though knowledgeable enough to the extent that he was fully conversant with all the alphabetes in his language, he was not recognised as a learned person by any body. The king gave him a remedy suggesting that he should go wherever he is able to come across a large group of children telling them not to address him as a learned man. He did it. The children as per their normal tendency to do the negative of what is asked to them immediately reacted calling the man as ' learned master' and his joy knew no bounds realising that he was really the one who was recognized well by the people for his wisdom and learning. This applies to all as all need recognition and attention from the people they live with.
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